Meditation on Soul – Descartes’

Those who believe in God assert that there is something that moves their bodies and gives them life. They call it the soul. For theists, the exit of the soul from the body means death. The conundrum is that nobody knows what exactly the soul is even though it is with them throughout their lives. Theists believe it is a self-aware core and the activating cause of individual life. This stand of the theists throws up several questions that are not easy to answer.

How does the human body get the feelings of happiness, sadness, elation or sorrow? What is the source of all non physical feeling and sensation?

On the other hand the atheist believes that death stops all body parts from working. Then what is it that keeps these parts working? What is this immense power? What power is lost when a person dies?

What was the power that made every part start working at the inception? Is it the soul? If the answer is affirmative, it supports the contention that there is a soul! This is the essence of a person that affects one’s thoughts and moulds one’s personality. This is the energy, the vigor and the life.  This throws up even more perplexing questions.

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Where does the soul go to when it comes out of the body? Who brings it to the body? Who removes it from the body?



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