They included an equal amount of men and women from ages 38-50. However, after the first break there were about eight younger members who joined the meeting. These included six women and two men who were room the ages of 23-35. Objective There were multiple objectives for this meeting. One objective was to propose the implementation of the Upset Sound Pressure Assessment plan (SPA). Another goal was to assess whether the objectives for the 2011-2013 Biennial Science Workplace (BSP) were obtained. The last objective was to either draft a workplace or assign a victimize to draft a workplace for 2014.

Informal Workshop Discussion For the first hour the science panel members Introduced themselves and talked about leadership roles between members. In this Informal discussion they talked about a Science Policy Workshop that received a surprisingly high review from members and attendants of the workshop. The workshop explored opportunists for scientists to be involved in the policy making processes. It examined the contribution of these leadership roles In the Implementation of policies that serve society and tauter.

The science panel members then discussed a follow up plan since this workshop was a large success. The members discussed promoting the Issue through another workshop and making a statement about the Issue by using scientists In the policy process of the Upset Sound Partnership. The final outcome of this discussion was the follow up plan for the highly rated Science Policy Workshop. The final discussion was to promote another Science Policy Workshop In Eastern Washington to raise salience on the Issue. SPA Discussion

The first part of this discussion was defining the Upset Sound Pressure Assessment plan and explaining why It was needed to the other attendants In the meeting. The Importance of this plan Is that It Is a baseline assessment that can be used In the near term and then built upon and refined as needed. This plan will evaluate the stress that affect the Upset Sound ecosystem and systematically decide their Important relative to each other. It Is going to essentially provide a method for evaluating, comparing, and ranking the potential Impact of stress on assessment endpoints.

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The Upset Sound Pressure Assessment plan Is not a plan that will actually Include field work, scientific data, or great sums of money. It Is a plan for the science panel members to build on the selecting knowledge already concluded and decipher the Impacts to the Upset Sound ecosystem on difference scales. For example It will extend beyond the exclusive use of habitat type endpoint to Include habitat type, species, and human wellbeing endpoints. This will reflect the Upset Sound the final outcome of this discussion was to promote the draft and by the next science anal meeting implement the plan.

Biennial Science Workplace Discussion The 2011-2013 Biennial Science Workplace had four objectives. They were to use the best technologies and knowledge possible to understand the Upset Sound ecosystem, to support additional studies that help improve or study the Upset Sound ecosystem, to communicate and work effectively between participants to manage the Upset Sound ecosystem, and to organize a structure necessary for an efficient science based Upset Sound restoration and protection programs. This discussion focused on f this previous workplace was effective and met the objectives.

From the discussion it seemed that all of the objectives were meet except for one. This was based on the evaluation that 60% of plans were on task or completed, that only 5% of plans meet serious constraints when implemented, that the Upset Sound Partnership did not have any complaints of misconduct, that almost every environmental problem in the Upset Sound was being analyzed or was in a planning process, and that the Upset Sound Partnership received enough funds from the EPA to support using the best cosmologies and scientists.

The only objective that was moderately meet was to support additional studies that help improve or study the Upset Sound ecosystem. These outside sources can be an extremely useful set of information. Overall, the objective of the Biennial Science Workplace met the objectives laid out at the beginning of 2011. Outcome The Upset Sound Partnership science panel meeting obtained all the objectives set forth at the beginning of the meeting and some additional information was also included. The science panel members decided to promote another Science Policy

Workshop to encourage the use of scientists in the policy planning stage. They also decided to promote the use of the Upset Sound Pressure Assessment plan in every meeting starting with the next one. The last outcome of the meeting was that the 2011-2013 Biennial Science Workplace was effective, meet its objectives, and that a workplace similar to it but updated should be drafted by a subcommittee. It was decided that the subcommittee would contain the science panel members Katharine Hellman, Tim Kensington, and There Chesterfield.


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