She explains how using fem. brain scans showed activity in areas here scientists found that the same parts of the brain lit up, when individuals looked at their ex-partners pictures or experienced physical pain. (Greenberg 2013) At the end of her research, she came to discover that brains appear to process relationship breakups similarly to physical pain. This information is great to those who wonder why breakups cause symptoms related to pain to help people understand and prevent it. Greenberg 2013) Greenberg also describes how recoups can lead to emotional distress and depression resulting in academic difficulty and mental health problems. Where they start to ruminate about their ex- partner and become consumed in the breakup that all they think about is what went wrong. In this sense, processing the breakup feels more like a trauma. (Greenberg 2013) People who have been rejected by an ex-partner are so emotionally damaged that some end up dropping classes.

This can be a major problem for college students nice they may take longer to finish, putting them at risk of not graduating. In her article, Melanie A. Greenberg gives Information on how breakups affect college students and how it affects the student’s academic life. This article Is a great source for young adults who want tips on coping with a breakup. Breakups are normal and can be a tough time for everyone but with the right mentality and goals people set on themselves a breakup can be more of a learning experience rather than a painful one.


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