1. Before we had a discussion about the presentation, tasks were assigned to each member of the group. The assigned task was based on our ability and what we can contribute most to the group. Since, I am knowledgeable about computer and I enjoy making Powerpoint presentation, the group decided to let me manage the Powerpoint during the presentation. I also contributed some ideas on designing the Powerpoint presentation.

2. In our group, Hanna is the creativity person; Mickey, the conversation facilitator and Aziz, did the search word game. Both Hanna and Mickey also made some of the slides presentation. All of them are so talented and creative and they did their assigned task very well. They were also able to accomplish their work within the given time frame.

3. Initially, we set a specific time for our meeting to discuss about our presentation. We met three times inside the classroom and once outside the classroom. In our meeting, we brainstormed and allowed each one to come up with their ideas. We listened attentively and took notes on what each one was saying. When everyone has spoken, we made decisions as a team and chose the ideas that would be good for the presentation.

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4. I learned that no matter how big or small our ideas are, there are people in the group who will appreciate the knowledge, skills and abilities that we all can contribute. We valued each member’s creativity and we worked as a team.

5. The work was successfully completed because we committed our time and effort to the task that was assigned to each of us and we communicated our ideas clearly. It was easy to listen and understand each other well. Yes, we honored the rights and responsibilities outlined in class.

6. It was a good experience to work with the group. Each member appreciated each other’s ability and talent. In spite of our busy schedule, we managed to meet regularly and perform our task. I experienced the value of cooperation, communication, commitment, and work attitude in completing the work.


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