”It’s surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time” . said Barbara Kingsolver. A memory may hold many significances to some people. but to me it means a batch. Everyone should care for and retrieve all your life. Memories are what maintain us traveling when we get down. They besides reinforce beliefs that we have or change the 1s we already have. When I think of my memories. one belief comes to mind. A belief that I feel really strongly about is strong-arming.

As I look back on my life. I remember so many cases where people were acquiring bullied. When I was in simple school. I didn’t think much of anything of it when person got picked on or made merriment of. Once I got to Ouachita Junior High School. it began to register in my caput that this was so strong-arming. Peoples would acquire picked on a batch at that place. and all I did was either alter the conversation or avoid those sorts of state of affairss. Most of the cases I have come across in my life-time have been verbal intimidation. This is far worse than physical intimidation because it does non go forth any physical cicatrixs. and no 1 knows that that peculiar individual is being bullied. This type of strong-arming makes the victim feel isolated. ill. despairing. depressed. and scared.

One of the events that I have remembered for a really long clip is a state of affairs that happened at my other school in Oxford. Mississippi. A male child named Bob was bullied in school and was tired of everyone picking on him. He had no friends. and he was isolated from everyone. After a piece. he couldn’t manage the emphasis any longer. He so went to school one twenty-four hours. cleared out everything from his cabinet so his female parent won’t have to make it after he was dead. went place. and decided to hit himself. But on that twenty-four hours. while he was traveling place from school with his properties. some of the male childs were picking on him. One male child named Michael saw that he was being picked on and decided to assist Bob by standing up to the toughs and assisting him transport his properties place. After a piece. both Bob and Michael became best friends. and they have stuck with each other since so. This is a perfect illustration of how to take intimidation into history and how serious merely one average thing that anyone says to person can force person over the border.

Once I got into high school my position of strong-arming changed wholly. Everywhere I looked. I saw person acquiring picked on or talked about. There are people isolated at tiffin and in the halls and many other topographic points. Every clip I see person who looks like they have no friends. I say hullos or sit with them at the tiffin tabular array. Merely a simple hullo or good forenoon can alter the mentality a individual has on life. Once the Rachel’s Challenge group came to our school. I think that it opened a batch of people’s eyes on how terrible this state of affairs can really be.

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In decision. many of my memories have influenced my beliefs on assorted subjects. Memories should be cherished. remembered. and non taken for granted. The job of intimidation is a serious affair impacting the full universe and if non stopped it could be lay waste toing. My memories of the yesteryear have affected my beliefs on strong-arming for the remainder of my life.


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