In the state of Michigan, mental health courts are only in select counties. It is also just a recent change, that is still being done. But is showing improvements in are jail systems. The year of 2007, is when the concern for mentally ill people going / being in jail became a huge concern. In 2009 a bill was introduced by eight senators, Brater, Anderson, Switalski, Prusi, Thomas, Scott, Clarke, and Jacobs. The majority of them were Democratic. It was passed and known as Senate Bill 172.

This bill gave / left the choice up to the courts whether or not the individual should be incarcerated or they should be sent to a treatment center so that they can be helped. When the courts are making this decision they have to keep in mind what the best interest of the individual along with the best interest of the community. If the individual agrees to do the treatment center they have to then sign a diversion contract. Which is saying that the person will stay in contact with the court and agree to their demands.

Being to show up when needed, to attend school and or keep a steady job. The most prevalent brain disorders are schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder. But this excludes cases that involve homicide and sexual assault. Now in Michigan there are currently eleven different counties that have mental health courts. They are Wayne, Livingston, Jackson, Oakland, Grand Traverse, St. Clair, Otsego, Genesse, Berrien, Kalamzoo, and Ionia / Montcalm.

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Also, right now Saginaw county is also trying to get a mental health court. As you can see, Michigan does not fully have all mental health courts, but a lot of the counties are adding this into their systems. It also is open to helping people out before they are just sent away where they will not get any treatment to help them out.

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