Psychotherapy is more internal. and deep. It is more focussed on the yesteryear. whereas guidance is more focussed on the present. In psychotherapeutics. penetration is more of import than alteration. and the therapist’s function is as more of an expert. Psychotherapy is besides long-run. where guidance is normally more short term. Reding focal points on the Wellness Model –understanding the individual in their context ( job/family/community ) 3. Discourse what is meant by reding being an Art? Even though reding techniques can be subjective and originative like an art. is still uses technique and schemes. and has criterions that must be met. 4. ACA. CACREP. NBCC. APGA.

ACA – American Counseling Association CACREP – Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs NBCC – National Board for Certified Counselors APGA – American Personnel and Guidance Association 5. 4 personal qualities counsellors should hold Curiosity Ability to listen and be empathic Ability to hold a conversation Empathy and Understanding Emotional Insightfulness Capacity for Self Denial Tolerance for Intimacy Comfortable with Power Goodwill – Do No Harm Self Awareness Maintaining Effectiveness Remaining Objective Accepting and Confronting Situations Ability to Laugh Intellectual Competence Energy.

Flexibility Support 6. Briefly discuss burnout and 2 ways to avoid it or decrease the likeliness it will happen Burnout is the physical. mental and emotional exhaustions brought on by engagement over drawn-out periods with emotionally demanding state of affairss and people. Understand that you are at that place to back up the client and take them to empowerment. non to “fix” them. Some ways to avoid burnout are to seek reding yourself. seeking supervising and counsel. taking a interruption or a holiday. fall ining a peer support group. acquiring regular exercising. speculation. taking clip to bask avocations. and seeking support from household and friends.

Traumatic events in the counselor’s personal life may lend to the emphasis felt when covering with client issues at the same clip. 7. Know footings Ethics is a subject within doctrine that is concerned with human behavior and moral determination devising and are the ideal criterions expected by a profession. It governs relationships within a profession Ethical motives are determined within a wide context of civilization of society. They are our ain and are frequently influenced by household. community and faith Laws dictate lower limit criterions of behaviour that a society will digest Autonomy respects the freedom of pick Nonmaleficence Do non harm.

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Beneficence Be helpful and do non fault Justice Fairness to all clients Veracity Being honest and upfront Fidelity Loyalty and faithful to what my profession dictates Vicarious Liability- persons who have control and authorization over others will be held accountable for their carelessness. ( Supervisor is responsible for the actions he/she supervises ) Common Law Torahs that developed as a consequence of tribunal determinations ( set by judicial precident ) Regulations accepted guidelines set Forth by a profession Federal Laws trumps regulations and is established as the minimal demands set by the authorities Rules established within the system.

Tort Law jurisprudence ensuing from the private sector ( Torahs that result from the agony or injury from the private sector ) 8. Be able to separate between Principle Ethics and Virtue Ethics Principal moralss have their foundation in moral rules. which are agreed upon premises or beliefs about ideals that are shared by members of the assisting profession. ( “What should I do” [ regard for liberty. nonmaleficence. beneficence. justness. fidelity. veracity ] ) Virtue moralss involve more than moral actions ; they besides involve traits of character or virtuousness.

Virtue moralss focal point on the histrion instead than the action ( “Who should I be” [ unity. understanding. credence of emotion. self-awareness. mutuality with the community ] ) 9. Know the grounds for ethical codifications Ethical codifications give our profession credibleness. protects us from authorities intervention. helps to cut down malpractice. protects the clients public assistance. ensures answerability within the profession 10. Be able to discourse the 4 beliefs of reding professionals or place in a short sketch 1. The best position for helping persons is the wellness theoretical account of mental wellness.

The end is for each individual to accomplish positive mental wellness to the grade possible. Mental wellness is seen as happening on a continuum. It accounts for working in household relationships. friendly relationships. calling. spiritualty. leisure activities. physical wellness. life environment. fiscal position and gender. 2. Most of the issues that people face in life are developmental in nature and understanding the kineticss of human growing and development is indispensable to success as a assistant. Since most jobs are developmental. they are natural and normal.

We all will see certain things are different times of our lives. 3. Prevention and early intercession are far superior to remediation in covering with personal and emotional jobs. To make this. counsellors provide instruction. Through instruction. the clients will hold the necessary tools to run into the challenges subsequently in life when encountered. 4. The end of guidance is to authorise single clients and client systems to decide their ain jobs independently of mental wellness professionals and to learn them to place and decide their ain jobs autonomously in the hereafter.

By learning appropriate job work outing techniques. and increasing their self-understanding. it is hoped that the client will non ever necessitate aid. 11. Be able to place factors that influence civilization 12. Race Ethnicity Nationality Gender Age Social Class Marital Status Sexual Orientation Disability Place of Residence Language Religion Other nonvisible 13. Be able to place the of import things to see in crisis reding Distinguish physiological responses from gestures. – Be aware of how things like oculus contact can be cultural.

Avoid utilizing stereotyped decisions sing non verbal behaviour Avoid enforcing your values on an person in a crisis state of affairs ( what seems to you to be slef-defeating may really be cultural in context ) 14. Be able to place and briefly discourse the three countries of Multicultural Competencies Self Awareness – Become cognizant of your ain personal values. prejudices. premises Knowledge – Increase consciousness of cultural values. prejudices. premises of diverse clients Skills – Develop culturally appropriate intercession schemes for diverse clients. 15.

Be able to place and briefly discourse the premises sing values AND ways to minimise enforcing values on clients Be careful non to project your ain values or involvements onto the client. Lead them to the result that they are comfy with. Be certain to take into consideration cultural influences. spiritual influences. etc. There is no such thing as an absolute value that exists objectively. Each individual is responsible for their ain values system. Acknowledge inclination to see clients as pathological when covering with personal values. Accept clients as they are alternatively of sick of immoral because values systems do non conform.

Inform yourself about eh assortments of values held in society. Be cognizant of your ain values. Present value options in an indifferent mode. Be committed to freedom of pick of your clients. Respect clients who have values different than your ain. Consult others when struggle exists. Mention clients to another counsellor if struggles can non be resolved. 16. Know Confidentiality an ethical construct that refers to the counselor’s duty to esteem the client’s privateness and to our promise to clients that the information they reveal during guidance will be protected from revelation without their consent.

( Autonomy. regard. pledge of silence. public-service corporation ) Privileged Communication a justice can non order information that has been recognized by jurisprudence as privileged to be revealed in tribunal. Communications must arise in assurance. The component of confidentiality must be indispensable to the relationship. The relationship is one that needs to be carefully fostered. The hurt to the relationship that revelation of communications would do must be greater than the benefit gained for the right disposal of the judicial proceeding. Privacy The freedom of persons to take when they reveal their information.

The right to maintain the guidance relationship a secret. Afforded to all persons in the 4th amendment. 17. Know the limits/exceptions to confidentiality and privileged communicating 18. Client street childs privilege Does non stop in decease Sharing with subordinates/superiors Protecting person in danger Counseling multiple clients ( group ) Counseling Minors Court Ordered Legal Protections for Counselors in difference 19. Be able to place possible legal issues 20. Know SOAP Subjective ( “use quotes” . compose whatever the client studies ) Objective ( info from the counsellor. appraisals. studies )

Appraisals ( feeling of S and O. Does everything step up? ) Plans ( diagnosing and intervention program with ends and aims ) DAPData ( Objective information ) Assessment ( counselor’s reading of the informations ) Plan ( what you intend to make and what you what to carry through ) 21. Be able to discourse grounds for composing instance notes and ends of composing instance notes It helps to see your client as a entire individual. Helps to retrieve client inside informations. Notes are non meant to be a transcript. It is an incorporate position of the interaction. For reappraisal by many others who are in on the attention of the patient.

22. Be able to place things that might be considered “records” related to clients/students in the guidance profession Phone calls. electronic mails. assignments. measures. parking base on ballss. payment records. physical recordings. audio recordings. instance notes 23. Know the inquiries to see when writing/thinking approximately clinical notes Be concise. Be crystalline. Don’t put something in a record that you would non desire to be made public. “Just the facts. ” 24. Be able to place who might read clinical notes Supervisors. translators. other clinicians. attorneies. attentions 25.

Be able to discourse problems/issues related to utilizing assorted signifiers of engineering related to information about clients/students. Security is difficult to procure electronically. Files can be intercepted. Phone calls can be intercepted. FB allows for multiple people to see and entree information. Confidentiality can non be guaranteed. 26. How might you guarantee confidentiality related to assorted signifiers of engineering Encryption. Fax cover sheets. Geting written instructions as to how and when and where to show and what informations can be presented.


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