As a future Social Worker it is of import to be cognizant of the policies that may impact the community in which we serve. By being cognizant of these policies a societal worker can fix to supply services to the population for which one serves. A societal worker must recommend for the good of the community and the people within that community. As the Mayor of Biloxi you are besides in a place where you must recommend for or against policy enterprises for the good of the people for which you serve. Therefore. it is of import that you join me in back uping S. 195 or the “Mental Health in Schools Act of 2013. ” Part A: Legislation and Political Context: What is the “Elevator Speech” Overview?

The intent of the Mental Health in Schools Act of 2013 is to amend the Public Health Service Act to revise and widen undertakings associating to kids and force to supply entree to school-based comprehensive mental wellness plans. This piece of statute law seeks to revise. increase support for. and spread out the range of the Safe Schools-Healthy Students plan in order to supply entree to more comprehensive school-based mental wellness services and supports. It will besides supply for comprehensive staff development for school and community service forces working in the school. and supply for comprehensive preparation for kids with mental wellness upsets. for parents. siblings. and other household members of such kids. and for concerned members of the community.

The Bill was introduced in the Senate on January 31st. 2013 and was referred to the Committee on Health. Education. Labor. and Pensions. The measure was introduced by Senator Al Franken ( D-MN ) and has 11 Co-sponsors ( 10 Democrats. 1 Independent ) . none of which represent any of the four territories in the province of Mississippi. BILL TEXT URL:

hypertext transfer protocol: //napolitano. house. gov/sites/napolitano. house. gov/files/images/mental_health_in_schools_act_2011. pdf Part B: Problem Analysis: Why is this Bill/Policy Important? Why Should the Mayor Care? On behalf of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( SAMHSA ) . Pamela Hyde testified before the Senate Health. Education. Labor. and Pensions Committee Hearing on “Assessing the State of America’s Mental Health System” January 24. 2013. She stated that. “Half of all lifetime instances of mental and substance usage upsets begin by age 14 and three-quarterss by age 24. 6” . If proper intervention and support services are non provided to people with mental wellness conditions or substance maltreatment upsets. they may see crisis state of affairss which can impact households. schools and communities. Less than one in five kids and striplings with diagnosable mental wellness and substance usage jobs receive intervention. That is why last hebdomad. the President announced enterprises to guarantee that pupils and immature grownups receive intervention for mental wellness issues.

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Ordaining the Mental Health in Schools Act will do it possible to place and supply intervention for mental wellness and substance maltreatment issues early. before the development of crisis state of affairss. such as the Newtown calamity. It would besides supply us with the resources to assist communities understand and implement the bar approaches proven to be effectual in halting issues from developing in the first topographic point. The societal jobs this Bill seeks to impact. as stated in the original Bill ( Mental Health in Schools Act of 2011 ) and on Congresswoman Napolitano’s web site. “Approximately one in five U. S. kids and striplings have a diagnosable mental upset. ” ( American Academy of Pediatrics ) . Serious emotional or behavioural upset that is terrible plenty to do significant damage in working at place. at school. or in the community effects about one in 10 kids. It is estimated that 75 per centum of those kids do non have forte mental wellness services.

Formal partnerships with community mental wellness suppliers to present mental wellness services are reported in merely half the schools across the United States. There must be entree to resources that provide household centered. culturally and linguistically appropriate supports and services available if schools are traveling to react to the mental wellness demands of its pupils. In a recent survey tierce of school territories reported reduced support for school mental wellness services. and at the same clip two-thirds of school territories reported increased demand for such services. Seventy per centum of striplings with mental wellness jobs do non have attention ( Journal of Adolescent Health. volume 38 ) . Suicide is the 3rd prima cause of decease for young person ages 15-24 ( National Institute of Mental Health study ) . Among immature people aged 10-14 old ages old. self-destruction rates have doubled in the last two decennaries ( American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ) . More than half of federal and province prison inmates have a diagnosable mental wellness job ( U. S. Department of Justice ) . Children with mental wellness issues make $ 10. 400 less per twelvemonth as grownups ( Journal of Social Science and Medicine ) .

Four in 10s presently unemployed parents say they have seen behavioural alterations in their kids due to their unemployment ( NY Times/CBS Poll ) . Behavioral and emotional jobs decreased among 31 per centum of young person with mental wellness issues after 6 months of having mental wellness attention ( SAMHSA study ) Within one twelvemonth of come ining a mental wellness plan. young person go toing school on a regular basis increased from 75 per centum to 81 per centum. and those having go throughing classs increased from 55 per centum to 66 per centum ( SAMHSA study ) . The figure of pupils involved in violent incidents decreased by 15 per centum within three old ages of instating mental wellness plans ( SAMHSA study ) . Sixteen per centum of pupils report lower depression. 21 per centum lower anxiousness. and 38 per centum have better behaviour after one twelvemonth ( SAMHSA study ) . Two tierces of school territories reported that the demand for mental wellness services had increased since the old twelvemonth. and one tierce reported that support for mental wellness services had decreased in that clip ( Foster et al. . 2005 ) .

State mental wellness plans were cut nationally by four per centum in 2009. five per centum in 2010. and at the clip of this study were estimated to be cut by more than eight per centum in 2011 ( Stateline. org July 19 2010 ) . Harmonizing to the National Alliance on Mental Illness the cuts between 2011 and 2012 amounted to between 10. 4 per centum in Mississippi and 39. 3 per centum in South Carolina in 10 of the provinces who made the highest cuts. The Mental Health in Schools Act can help 1000s of kids with mental wellness issues. The cost of reding them is low compared to the injury caused by self-destruction. offense. and life-times of lost chances. Supplying the kids in our communities with the aid they deserve opens up new possibilities for them and their households. Our community is non confined to a geographical country. but to the kids in demand of the services this Bill will supply.

The Mental Health in Schools Act statute law will ease jobs by: supplying professional aid for young person enduring from mental wellness issues ; turn toing mental wellness jobs when pupils are immature alternatively of waiting until they have drifted into drug usage. offense. depression. or self-destruction ; maintaining costs low. because mental wellness costs are really small compared to the costs placed on societal services and the prison system when mental wellness is neglected ; salvaging lives by funding mental wellness professionals who can place at-risk young person and reding pupils before self-destruction hazard becomes an issue. Harmonizing to her life on her web page. Congresswoman Grace Napolitano has successfully implemented this plan within her old congressional territory since 2001. The plan is presently runing in 11 local schools. The plan has proven to be enormously successful in assisting pupils overcome mental wellness issues and bettering quality of life for them and their households. The Mental Health in Schools Act seeks to spread out this theoretical account countrywide to supply more pupils with the benefits of on-site mental wellness attention. Part C: Existing resources to Cover with Problem

The National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ) offers many support and instruction plans for Americans affected by mental unwellness to assist them hold a better quality of life. Some of these plans are the NAMI Helpline which is an information and referral service. the Education. Training and Peer support Center which provides free instruction and support plans for single. household members. suppliers and the general populace. There are State and Local NAMIs that are made up of voluntary leaders who work in communities across the state to raise consciousness and supply free instruction. protagonism and support group plans.

While the resources are at that place. they are non plenty to guarantee a kid gets the proper attention. Behavioral wellness attention delivered in a primary attention puting can assist to minimise favoritism and cut down negative attitude about seeking services. It is believed that this will assist relieve the fright people have about acquiring mental wellness intervention and better overall wellness results. Increased support for these plans will do them more available to the people who need them most. It would besides be helpful to present a community based instruction plan to raise consciousness for the already existing resources households have available to them. Part D: Stakeholders: Geting Down to Detail

Legal power encompasses most of the bureaus. institutes. and plans of the Department of Health and Human Services. including the Food and Drug Administration. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. the National Institutes of Health. the Administration on Aging. the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The Committee besides oversees public wellness and wellness insurance legislative acts to turn to emerging menaces and altering forms in the health care industry Some of the groups back uping statute law are: Mental Health at the National Institutes of Health. The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. The National Council for Behavioral Health. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration ( SAMHSA ) . Other protagonists of this statute law might be Teachers Unions. Parent Teacher Organizations. State and National School Board Associations. and the American Federation of Teachers. When the Bill was introduced by U. S. Rep. Grace Napolitano. a California Democrat. in 2011. most Republicans opposed it due to the cost of implementing the plan. The Bill would supply up to $ 200 million in competitory grants of up to $ 1 million each. The cost is surely a concern but even more concerning is the figure of kids enduring with mental unwellness.


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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Consequences from the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Mental Health Findings. NSDUH Series H-45. HHS Publication No. ( SMA ) 12-4725. Rockville. Mendelevium: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 2012.


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