Mental health is an important aspect in the well being of a person. It indicates the sanity and the depth of ones thinking. Moreover, mental health is one of the fields that are of major importance in medicinal fields such as in hospitals and clinics. Many manufacturers of medicine, aside from advertising beauty products, gives emphasis on how people can enhance the abilities of their minds, say for memory enhancement and data storage.

            In the articles given in this course, there are issues that tackled about the mentality of every person depending on the factors that affect it. There are books that dealt with the importance of mental health and the like and there were some who discussed the different assessments in the thinking style or life style of a human being. On the other hand, the culture and the society is one of the major focuses of an article by Rosenfield.

Upon looking at its title, it may already be concluded that the mentality of a person varies with their gender. There were a lot of sayings and beliefs regarding how males or females react on things. The emotional and the psychological aspect of every person depend on their orientation of their gender. In the article of the said author, men are perceived to be less sensitive than women. The article emphasized that men are more powerful than women, or should we say, they have dominion over the girls who are more likely to just serve them in the family.

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Books, aside from the mentioned literary review also give distinction regarding the emotional sides of the two. John Gray for example, in his “Men are from Venus: Women are from Mars” tackles on the different gender problems especially regarding the married lives of his counselees. The book also took a number of advices in order to improve the relationship of the couples, making understanding an easy stuff for both sides.

Apparently, society has been there to mold the mind sets of every body. Given that the world is composed mainly of patriarchal societies, such as the Christian community, it is not impossible that the future generations will also have the mentality that is prevalent now. Though it is a bit changed, that women can already participate on manly activities, it is still of significance that both sex and/or gender recognizes their specific roles in the community they belong into.

People must always know their part on every place they get into so as not to cause any trouble with others and thus making interaction with the opposite sex easier. There may be a lot of misunderstandings because of the built – in mentality due to the society, but it is very essential that people will try to learn and understand others so as to inculcate peace and order on earth.



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