1. Discourse the grounds and principle as to why TED stockings are used in pattern. 2. Demonstrate in line with trust policy correct measuring and application of TED stockings 3. To call three grounds why some people can non hold TED stockings.

The running order for this session will be as follows
* Talk: Introduction – 2 mins
* Hand-out: TED stockings – 5 mins
* Presentation: How to mensurate TED stockings and apply- 5 mins
* Discussion: Experiences of scholar – 5 Minutes
* Discussion: Recap scholars stating me what they learnt – 3 mins
* Talk: Question & A ; Answer – 2 mins
* Written: Feedback signifiers to be filled – 5mins

Additional acquisition resources were given to the scholar
Powerpoint presentation press release and TED stockings and mensurating tape. My rating tool for the session is attached: Yes

Evaluation Form

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What was the overall purpose of the session?

What was expected of you as the scholar would know/be able to make by the terminal of the session?
How was the session introduced?

How was it developed?

How was it concluded?

What learning method was used?

What engagement did you as a scholar hold?

How was your acquisition assessed?

Comment upon the
Degree of bringing:

Effectiveness of bringing:

Thank you really much for your feedback

Appraisal Plan

Date of the instruction session: 24/10/12
Location: Patient Day room
Start Time: 13:30 End Time: 13:45 The rubric of the session is: Anti intercalation stockings ( TEDs ) application safe placement and position. The experience of the individual being assessed?

1st surgical arrangement grownup subdivision 2nd twelvemonth pupil.
The accomplishment needs an appraisal because anterior learning given to guarantee cognition has been retained and can be put into pattern. The appraisal standards to measure the pupil has been deemed competent in the accomplishment are: 1. Safe disposal of TEDS discuses look intoing drug chart for prescription. 2. Safe measurement of stockings as per trust guidelines. 3. Safe application of TEDs on patient.

The inquiries and replies I have developed to prove the scholars understanding for this appraisal are 1. Discourse the grounds and principle as to why TED stockings are used in pattern country? 2. Why TEDs are to be prescribed?

3. To call three grounds why some people can non hold TED stockings?

Mentoring and enabling acquisition in a pattern puting

Part one: Introducing the Mentorship function.
I am a registered grownup nurse. with a year’s station alumnus experience in surgical nursing. I work in a busy ward in an interior London infirmary. Whilst in pattern I support pupils and junior members of staff with their educational pattern development. The Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC. 2008 ) states that you must ease pupils and others to develop their competency. This is farther supported by Hand ( 2006 ) who says instruction is an of import portion of the wellness professionals function. hence most healthcare profession’s are expected to learn other staff. pupils. patients and relations. During my assessment with my line director I identified the mentorship class as a larning demand I wanted to set about for my personal and professional development. Harmonizing to the Department of Health ( 2001 ) cited in Thompson ( 2004 ) reinforces that professionals must continually update and widen their cognition and accomplishments in their clinical country.

The NMC specify a wise man as a registered nurse who has undergone an NMC accredited mentorship readying programme. who will ease acquisition and is able to oversee and assesses pupils on the same portion of the registry as themselves in the clinical country. The Royal College of Nurses ( RCN. 2000 ) adds to the definition by saying that a wise man is a positive function theoretical account who is knowing and a skilled registrant who offers support and counsel in the pattern country. Whilst Hamilton ( 1981 ) describes the word wise man is a synonymous to wise. faithful. guardian and instructor ( cited in Morton-Cooper and Palmer. p. 37 ) Given all the above definitions one can reason that the word wise man is hard to summarize into a simple definition. Hence the function of the wise man in nursing is a cardinal 1 that impacts on the quality of future practicians and patient attention. Part 2: Application on the NMC criterions.

I will research the NMC ( 2008 ) criterions to back up acquisition and appraisal in pattern. The papers was put in topographic point to safeguard the wellness and well-being of the populace ; there are five rules. eight spheres and 24 results set out for registered practicians to accomplish to be a wise man. The NMC developmental model was produced to ease and inform professional and personal development. It informs registered practicians of the accomplishments they need to use when back uping the acquisition and appraisal of pupils undergoing NMC approved pre- enrollment programmes in pattern scenes. I will analyze two spheres which I believe are done good in my ward. The spheres I will analyze are effectual working relationships between pupils and staff and make a learning environment.

The foundation of set uping effectual working relationships begins with staff and pupils demoing each other common regard and trust. Whilst there is ever a duty on both participants to organize such a bond. RCN ( 2007 ) stipulates it is the mentor’s duty to set up an effectual working relationship with a pupil. In my pattern country the formation of this begins with orientation ; which involves presenting new staff to the ward’s doctrine. vision. outlooks policies. processs and specialist equipment. Reference The pupils first precedence when allocated to a arrangement is to go portion of the squad ( West. 2007 ) . This is made easier for the pupil if the wise man openly acknowledges the pupil. this in bend enable the pupil to experience valued. West. S ( 2007 ) A good arrangement experience: the student’s position of their demands in the pattern puting. Garvey. B. Mentoring in a coaching universe.

Morton-Cooper A. Palmer A. ( 2000 ) Mentoring. Preceptorship and Clinical Supervision. A usher to professional support functions in clinical pattern. 2nd erectile dysfunction. London. Blackwell Science Ltd Royal College of Nurses ( 2007 )

Castledine ( 2002 ) has suggested that clinical arrangements are non ever welcoming and attractive to pupils ensuing in pupils experiencing they don’t belong. However the NMC dictating that registrants have no pick about mentoring is non right as non everyone wants to be a wise man. So holding to set about the function can be nerve-racking for the practician and so much so for the pupil Stengelhofen ( 1993 ) states that providing the information battalion reassures pupils that they will non b vitamin E required to make anything they are non competent to make. On get downing employment all registered practicians undergo a compulsory co-mentorship survey twenty-four hours provided by the trust. This enables registered nurses to be able to help and ease pupils larning as per NMC codification of behavior ( 2008 ) . Whilst in pattern pupils are excess and work aboard trained nurses who help them with their acquisition.

We guarantee pupils are portion of the squad by presenting them to other members of the multi-displinary squad ( MDT ) and offer them the chance to work with specialist nurses in the urogenital medicine clinic. The director carries out hebdomadal ward meetings discoursing any developments of the hebdomad and pupils are offered the chance to lend to these meetings. Students are besides asked to place subjects they would wish to cognize about and teaching Sessionss are usually arranged in our twenty-four hours room when available as there is no designated are. Alternatively speedy instruction Sessionss could be carried out at the handover Sessionss by the nurse’s station. On other cases pupils are offered a pick as to how they would wish their instruction session delivered.

The more comfy and safe a pupil feels within an environment. the more likely effectual acquisition will take topographic point and the more motivated to larn ( Kenworthy and Nicklin. 2000 ) . KL NMC ( 2008 ) provinces at least 40 per cent of a student’s arrangement clip should be spent straight with their wise man nevertheless this is non ever possible due to work forms. people on ill leave each pupil is besides allocated a co-mentor to work with. to back up the student’s developmental advancement. WHAT DOES IT DO TO THE MENTOR CO MENTOR STUDENT ANALYSE In decision I found that the positive acquisition environment. set uping effectual relationships and the six other criterions entwine into each other. A positive acquisition environment and a positive relationship between pupils and staff is really of import and work manus in manus to guarantee pupils experience satisfied in the pattern country hence motivated to develop their accomplishments.

Part 3: The instruction session.
I began by looking at different theoretical accounts and theories of larning. Pavlov ( 1920 ) citied by Howard ( 2004 ) states that behaviorist theory is used to determine the rational developments of pupils. which is arguably non appropriate in nursing. Whereas. the humanistic theories approach. involves the survey of adult male as a human being with his ideas. feelings and experiences ( Quinn. 2000 ) . Rogers ( 2002 ) adds that it is of import to cognize the feelings of the pupil and to be able to recognize their individualism. Honey and Mumford ( 1986 ) travel further and place that different acquisition manners among scholars include: militants. pragmatists. theoreticians. and reflectors. Taking into history of all the varied theoretical accounts and theories of larning. I have tried to provide for all the acquisition manners in my press release. Harmonizing to Knowles ( 1984 ) teaching method is the art and scientific discipline of learning kids. whereas andragogy implies that the pupil is responsible for their ain acquisition and that larning occurs as a consequence of the student’s ain attempt ( cited by Howard. 2003 ) .

As the scholar was an grownup I used the andragogy attack to larning. Andragogy encourages a positive attack to larning where question and autonomy characteristic preponderantly ( Knowles 1984. cited in Quinn and Hughes 2007 ) . Murell et Al ( 2007 ) provinces there are two theoretically different attacks to instruction ; pupil centred and teacher centred. I chose to utilize a pupil centred attack to larning as it arguably facilitates better pupil engagement and interaction with the environment. which consequences in the progressive development of cognition. The subject I chose to learn on was the application of TED stockings. It is of import the pupil sees the relevancy of what they are larning in relation to the wider context of their class. I identified what the purposes and aims of the session would be. by following Bloom’s taxonomy of educational aims ( 1956 ) which addresses the cognitive. affectional and psychomotor spheres of cognition. The cognitive sphere is concerned with the learners’ cognition and their ability to use it into pattern ( Jarvis and Gibson. 1997 ) . Whereas the affectional sphere is about attitudes and values of what is acceptable ( Rogers. 2002 ) .

Alternatively the psychomotor sphere refers to the ability of clinical accomplishment public presentation ( Quinn and Hughes. 2007 ) . After forenoon handover I informed the pupil and the assessor that I would be carry oning a instruction session at 1300hours in the patient twenty-four hours room. I went to the patient twenty-four hours room at 1230hours to fix my instruction AIDSs. However on come ining the room relations were waiting for a patient who had gone to theatre. I asked the ward director who was besides the assessor to utilize his office. which he agreed excessively. I chose this room because it is broad and private whereas I thought the nursing station would do changeless break and be deflecting. On come ining the office I opened the blinds and a window to guarantee equal lighting and airing was available. Ewan and White ( 1996 ) believe that an environment conducive to acquisition is achieved through equal airing and comfy seating. I rearranged the seats and ensured they were confronting a cardinal point in which I would be standing in whilst set abouting the instruction session.

Seating arranged in a semi-circle encourages scholars to take an active function in a presentation ( Wallace. 2002 ) . This is farther supported by Quinn ( 2000 ) who states that siting arranged in this manner can make a sense of equality and better the familiarity of the group by to the full prosecuting scholars. I printed out press releases of my presentation and informed the participants about the alteration in locale. Hinchliff ( 2004 ) acknowledges that press releases are a good instruction tool as they enable pupils to concentrate on what the practician is stating alternatively of seeking to compose notes. Hooks ( 1999 ) cited in Young et Al ( 2007 ) states that smaller categories have better instructor pupil interaction whereas categories that are full in which the instructor no longer knows the scholars name. the attempt to construct a acquisition community fails. One pupil and the assessor were present for the instruction session. when they were seated I introduced myself and thanked them for doing the clip and attempt to go to.

I so distributed the press releases and rating sheets ( see appendix 3 ) for them to reexamine and finish after the presentation had finished. The purposes and larning results were clearly identified on the first two slides of the press releases to supply the logical sequence of the presentation. It besides allowed the pupil to recognize what they were traveling to larn ( Hinchliff. 2004 ) . I developed a lesson program ( see appendix 4 ) to maintain me focussed and assist me adhere to the clip frame set out. I informed the audience of the length of the presentation. and asked them to finish the rating signifiers at the terminal of the session. Before originating the instruction session I thought it was of import to measure the baseline cognition of the pupil. I used the cognition class harmonizing to Bloom’s taxonomy ( 1956 ) and asked the scholar what they knew approximately TED stockings.

During the presentation I directed unfastened ended inquiries to the audience in order to maintain their attending and ease a pupil centred attack to larning. Mallett and Bailey ( 1996 ) write than an unfastened ended inquiry is prefixed by words such as ‘when’ . ‘what’ or ‘how’ . to deter a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. Such inquiries are an built-in portion of the instruction procedure ; and topographic points pupils in the function of active scholars. helping them to develop higher degree cognitive accomplishments ( Young. 2007 ) . I besides made a witting attempt to keep good oculus contact with all participants and non to concentrate on one person. as this could hold been an uncomfortable experience for the person and misconstrued as demoing favoritism or disregarding the other scholars. Harmonizing to Hunt et Al ( 2009 ) good oculus contact tends to increase the credibleness of the presenter. Harmonizing to Thomson citied in Hinchliff ( 2004 ) you must do acquisition merriment for your audience as they are much more likely to retrieve it so. I besides decided to integrate some light temper into my presentation. taking attention to associate it to the context of my instruction session.

Davis ( 2005 ) recommends get downing a talk with something novel. incongruent or emotional. like a gag. storytelling. or presentation. Parkin ( 1989 ) citied by Hinchliff ( 2004 ) describes temper as one of the most of import qualities of a good instructor. I besides made a witting attempt to keep good oculus contact with my audience and non concentrate on one person ; this might be uncomfortable for the person and be misconstrued as demoing favoritism or disregarding the other audience members. Harmonizing to Hunt et Al ( 2009 ) good oculus contact besides tends to increase credibleness of the presenter. Using the humanistic attack to learning allowed acquisition to be a partnership between the pupil and myself. I addressed both participants by their first names to increase the feeling of belonging as the group. As grownups learn best in an environment that is psychologically comfy where there is common trust and regard for their ain worth and that of others ( Knowles. 1990 ) .

After completing my instruction session I gave the pupil the chance to inquire inquiries. I used silence and intermission techniques to promote the pupil to inquire and with the aid of my assessor. I was able to reply inquiries which facilitated greater interaction. ( Phillips et al. 2000 ) . The pupil engaged more freely and described what they understood of the theory linked to pattern. and the importance of right application of TED stockings. Learning should be active and non a inactive reception of cognition and accomplishments as pupils tend to lose concentration when information is given to them without them take parting ( Downie. 1998 ) . On contemplation I realised that I stuck to my lesson program and clip frame. The feedback from the assessor supports this I was able to prolong the attending of the pupil throughout the instruction session I ne’er got the chance to practise my instruction session prior to learning it Part 4: The appraisal session

Assessment theories
Appraisal is defined as a measuring of a pupils larning. which is achieved as a consequence of a instruction session ( Hincliff. 2004. p. 128 ) . Hincliff ( 2004 ) goes farther to specify rating as the procedure of doing opinions and determinations about accomplishments. outlooks and the effectivity and value of what we are making. Evaluation does non merely occur at the terminal of the learning experience but instead. it is an critical ongoing development and development of instruction and acquisition. If a practician does non self measure herself there is inclination to transport on as usual. therefore self rating is indispensable whereby allows her to reflect and fix herself for future pattern. We would utilize SWOT analysis which I demonstrated on the assessor how we measure and apply TED stockings. I ensured to reemphasise the points of keeping a safe place and guaranting patient is comfy.

Demonstration Whilst I was making the presentation I asked the pupil to steer me on any countries I had missed or what I was to make next. Jarvis and Gibson 1997 pg 87 province holding witnessed an adept public presentation. leaners are so expected to rehearse until they are every bit profiecient as the demonstrator. The pupil was given the chance to show nevertheless I had to remind the pupil to accommodate her organic structure placement as she would ache her dorsum if in right positioned herself. The pupil adapted her place and continued to right use the TEDs. The assessment checklist was used in my caput to guarantee the pupil had done what I had taught. I chose to learn so assess instead than buttocks and Teach so I could find if some cognition had been retained as Leonardo Da Vinci states pattern without theory is like a adult male who goes to see without a map ( cited in Kilgallom et Al ( p56 ) Bennett ( 2003 ) states pupils should be expected to direct their ain acquisition. act professionally. keep effectual communicating and receive constructive unfavorable judgment Giving the pupil feedback I found reasonably felt uncomfortable nevertheless used the feedback sandwich.

The pupil had compromised her dorsum placement nevertheless on discoursing with her she explained it was due to the assessor being the ward trough she felt she had to make it a certain manner. The job with the session was merely that the environment made the pupil still experience unequal to the assessor and did non understand it was I that was acquiring assessed and non her. Neary ( 2000 ) and Gopee ( 2008 ) both agree tht it is of import for the wise man to give constructive. honest feedback and debriefing the pupil after a good and bad experience. Mentors appraisal of pupils is a controversial are ( Morto-Cooper et Al argues that the wise mans function is non compatible with the assesors function because it presents a moral quandary between the counsel and conselling function and judgemental assessment function. Motivation influences acquisition and will impact the pupils degree of involvement application. Thomson ( 2004 ) states prompt feedback /feed frontward on success nailing countries on which to concentrate to better public presentation will assist the pupil to develop a more realistic ego construct. I ensured I developed larning stuffs that were prosecuting and exciting rational growing. ego construct consciousness and accusal and construct on the pupils bing cognition. It is good established that pupils learn by making. through pattern test and mistake and repition on where appropriate.

A wise man has a polar place in working with pupils in an educational environment were theory and pattern come together. Feedback from appraisal whether the result negative can actuate the scholar to come on and keep high criterions or better low 1s. Interractive treatments active engagement was used to mensurate the effectivity of the instruction and proctor pupil advancement I used standard referenced appraisal as an type which measures pupils accomplishments and abilities against rather specific and predetermined standards which straight to the aims set out in the appraisal. Continuity can be achieved with the scholar by traveling consecutive through a subject in a logical mode.

Part 5: The leading accomplishments required by a wise man.
During the mentorship programme I have learnt two things about myself I have learnt that I have good dialogue accomplishments as I was able to negociate with my co-workers when an appropriate clip would be okay for me to set about my learning session. negotiated clip free of breaks. My communicating accomplishments and job resolution accomplishments are good as the locale for the instruction session was changed I was still able to happen an alternate locale. However on contemplation I do believe I struggled with the breaks in my instruction session as they made me lose my line of idea. However this besides az BB On analysis. I believe my instruction experience was a success – this is besides evident in my rating sheets. I achieved this by holding a welcoming environment that was contributing to larning. I was good prepared and had everything ready in line with my lesson program. Harmonizing to Beck et Al ( 2005 ) good readying will take to a successful presentation. Using the humanistic attack to larning allowed acquisition to be a partnership between the audience and myself. In the minutes taking up to my presentation I felt highly dying as everyone was gazing at me.

Lincoln et Al ( 1997 ) cited in Stuart ( 2007 ) states that it is by and large acceptable that a grade of anxiousness is present. as it is a healthy footing for growing and development for an person. I felt stressed out at the idea of showing my instruction session. that I forgot my gap lines. Bond ( 1986 ) states a nurse’s undertaking when seeking ego consciousness and ability to get by with emphasis is to go expert at detecting the oncoming of emphasis as to stimulation or remainder. I was able to compose myself by rationalizing my frights and anxiousnesss in my caput. and visualizing myself as composed and confident individual. a technique I had used in occupation interviews. This control mechanism is called visual image. when you visualise how you want to look to an audience ( De Young. 2009 ) . This allowed me to turn the emphasis into a positive experience. as it forced me to accommodate to the state of affairs. hence increasing my header accomplishments.

If I hadn’t taken control of my nervousnesss at this point it would hold had a negative impact on my scholars. I would hold lost credibleness as a instructor and they would hold lost their focal point and attending. This is supported by Khleehammer et Al ( 1990 ) cited in Stuart ( 2007 ) who states decreased larning occurs in the presence of high anxiousness. Nicklin et Al ( 2000 ) states that anxiousness arises in new state of affairss and alterations in the body’s normal response. such as respirations. circulation and musculus tone are apparent. Throughout the presentation I ensured I controlled my external respiration and paced the velocity. pitch and tone of my voice. I made certain that I did non turn up my weaponries or restlessness with my fingers which De Young ( 2009 ) provinces can bespeak to your audience that you are nervous. Once I had finished my learning session I felt relieved as I could now sit down. However. I felt discerning as I was non certain of my public presentation and the feedback I would have. In order for contemplation to be constructive. critical analysis of cognition and pattern is of import when covering with negative feelings. ( Boud et al. 1985 ) .

In the hereafter if I have to set about the pedagogue function I will hopefully non be as nervous. as instruction is seen as an of import portion of the wellness professional’s function ( NMC. 2008 ) . I strongly believe that with farther pattern and exposure I can get the better of my nervousnesss as instruction is something that can non be taught instead. improved by experience ( Dewey. 1928 cited in Stuart 2007 ) . To summarize. being a brooding practician is a clip devouring yet worthwhile procedure. If done right it can positively impact professional development. taking to greater self-awareness and new cognition about professional pattern. Among many things the unit has enabled me to develop my assurance in public speech production. every bit good as giving me a new found regard for my instructors. whom I realise set a great sum of readying. clip and attempt into learning. Finally the most affecting thing I have learnt is that I really truly enjoy instruction.


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