Racing boat” plan – an ambition of Jasper – Alabaster son : + Jasper has calculated the cost ( in the scenario showed up ). + Alberta still dismayed. We need to count how many extra P-asses Marietta would have to breakable over the 2 years and our assessment of the risks and benefits of the Idea . Use the case study to account and analyses : Appendix 1, 2 and the analysis of Jasper in the scenario Note: Ignore taxation.

Staff working in normal time. The fee allocates on per unit basis. 3. Sales staff : the proposal to employ sales staff as oppose to agents + Stefan Gal : not agree. + Marie Loop: need to apply it. We need to provide an objective view, dealing with all specific points raised by Stefan and Marie and give them a few specific actions to recommend. Use the Case study : Appendix 3 4. Late delivery of a hull from TOPERS we need to assess the various options open to the board Including the two mentioned in the scenario.


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