In the short authorship. Message to Garcia. the writer Elbert Hubbard writes of a adult male named Rowen. who is tasked with presenting a missive to the leader of the Cuban opposition forces. General Garcia. But the narrative is non about his tests. or his bad lucks. It’s non about his journey nor his ideas about the state of affairs at all. The narrative really references Rowan merely a few times throughout. The writer alternatively focuses on the qualities of Rowan. non on what he says. but. instead on what he didn’t.

The storyteller of the narrative. who is ne’er really named but whom can be assumed to be in close concurrence with those who were tasked with making Garcia. speech production of Rowans undeniable trueness to the cause. The state of affairs was apparently impossible. Trying to make Garcia who was actively seeking to remain hid to present a message inquiring for his cooperation. With no inquiries asked Rowan Saturdaies out on his three hebdomad journey to present the message.

The connexion between Rowans silence on the inside informations of the mission. and his trueness to the undertaking and the 1s giving it to him are explained further in the narrative. In fact subsequently on. it becomes less of a narrative and more of a counsel manual to the readers. It explains that how many times today. or possibly most times. success is gained through back ended means. Peoples in general sense do non possess the mentality to concentrate on a undertaking. nor have the willingness to derive that mentality. When told to carry through a undertaking. they wither travel make it halfheartedly is at all. or merely switch it to the side. or the trough as the writer put it.

The chief connexion that the writer made was that Rowan did non inquire where General Garcia was. Not because he already knew. but that he knew plenty about the state of affairs that he had already made the finding that he was tasked with the mission because cipher else knew either. To set it simple. it did non count whether he asked or non. His success of the mission relied strictly on his accomplishments and carry throughing the undertaking. Asking inquiries like who and how ere of small effect. He had to make it and he would make it. As I said before. the writer was non concerned with the journey. but his willingness and trueness to mission achievement to get down the impossible journey at all.

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The writer besides goes into inside informations about another adult male. to depict the polar antonym of Rowan. He describes the adult male as imperviable to ground. unable to take orders. nor give them. Basically depicting a big part of todays society. The people with a society of people such as that is that advancement is halted. non because the agencies aren’t at that place. but that there is non inaugural to happen the agencies and set them into consequence to acquire things done.

To a logical thought individual. the decision is this. that Rowans qualities of dedication to the mission. and his companions that would more the likely be benefited by his actions. even if he could non instantly see it. are qualities that we should all endeavor to possess. To better ourselves and those around us is a mission in itself. one that we should all be loyal excessively. non merely for us. but for everyone. For is everyone shared this sentiment. possibly the demand to direct a missive to General Garcia would non hold existed at all. The demand for us to detect state of affairss. or missions. if you will. from a 3rd individual point of position. instead than looking merely at how they will profit us. or take us out of our comfort zones. becomes more necessary as we receive more duty to acquire the mission accomplished.


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