First I would like to congratulate you and the entire government for winning the election. I am confident that you will deliver on the promises you made to the people of America during the campaigns period. Now it is time to get down to the business, Americans need action and that is why they gave you and your entire team sounding victory so that you can serve them well. There are various issues that your government should make it a priority as far as delivery of the services is concerned. These issues touch on the heart of American life. They determine the future of this nation and it s very existence.

One of the key issues is the health care, without good health Americans can not deliver and that is why this issue need to be given the attention it deserves as it will strongly impact on many other sectors of our economy. This sector is facing serious challenges which are hampering the service delivery. One of the major problem is underfunding.Public health sector which is the nerve center as far as health care is concerned is in the dire need of revamping. The funds allocated to this important sector are not enough to make it meet its need of ensuring the nation is healthy. This is an area your government needs to seriously look into so that those who need the health services and I am sure all of us at one time or another need, can be able to get the services. Enough funds should be allocated to this sector so that the poor, uninsured and the underinsured who have suffered a big deal due to the state of the affairs can benefit.

The government also needs to come up with legislation which will ensure that the health care providers are responsible in their duties. Many patients have lost their lives in circumstances which can be avoided and this is a situation that we as the citizens of this nation want to be addressed quickly. Manufactures of different drugs and equipment should be held responsible for any complications or death that occurs as a result of faulty equipment or drugs which have some problems. This will make more careful in the course of manufacturing these vital health products so that our nation can be safe.

There is a need to check the spread of some diseases so that the future of Americans is guaranteed. Although American may not have suffered so much on HIV/AIDS we can not close our ears and cover our ears as the rest of the world is dying due to this disease which can be prevented. If we do not act now it may come to haunt us later as we try to deal with the catastrophic effects of this disease even in our midst. In the past the government has addressed this issue but not to the magnitude it deserves, this should be a wake up call to the government. This does not mean that other diseases which threaten to wipe out the entire world population should be ignored, United States of America as the most powerful country in the world should lead in the war against these monsters as we are in one way or another affected even if our nation may not be directly touched.

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More funds need to be allocated for the research so that Americans and the entire world can benefit from the new drugs and equipments containing different conditions which continue to kill our people. Government should also employ more health care workers to cater for the increasing population and complication that are bogging us down as a nation. Health of the entire nation is important and that is why it deserves the attention I am calling for. I believe that this is possible if there is political will, and I have no doubt that these recommendations will be taken seriously by your government as they touch on a very sensitive area which if ignored can affect the  nation in a great way. As a committed citizen of this nation I fully support you and the government as you serve the people of this country and together we shall make it. Thank you.


Marvin, C (2008).Journal of Health, The Challenges Facing The United states Health Care Sector.


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