From the beginning of time, a mother’s instinct is to protect and raise their her child to live life to its fullest. Mother Earth has granted herself as a vessel for us to grow and prosper. But a mother ages and when her children neglect her, she starts to die. Her protection begins to show weakness, as her children trample upon her multitude of gifts, her medicines, her food; gifts that many of us take advantage of. We have been honored to live and grow on this land; must we tarnish and make this land forsaken and bare? In 1997, over one hundred fifty representatives met in Kyoto, Japan to iscuss a treaty for global warming. The Kyoto Protocol was designed to keep watch over the increasing dangers of global warming.

The Montreal Protocol, which had appeared years before, brought forth the attention of things that brought forth the depletion of the ozone layer. Why does the Kyoto protocol call harder more severe charges on us than the European countries? That is because we are at the heart of it all. We contribute the most pollution than any other country. Even though you state that China and India should face equal charge, you ust realize that the average American spends fifteen times more electricity in a month than an average Chinese, and thirty times more than an average person in India. That is why your accusations against these countries are simply irrational.

Do not compare yourself to the to others to find fault in them, and be blind to your own. Look at what global warming has already done. It has created a heat wave that has swept across the United States, claiming over one hundred peoples’ lives. Greenhouse gases are the tiny amounts of gases in the Earth’s tmosphere that let the rays of the sun pass through the planet. However, they also hold in the heat that comes from the Earth itself. The greenhouse effect is the increasing thickness of greenhouse gas, and in doing so, causing more heat to be trapped on our planet.

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By having so much heat trapped, many animals will begin to migrate or even become extinct to unbearable weather conditions. Trees and other plants are being cut down, thus corrupting the balance of terrestrial plants converting carbon dioxide and oxygen and vice versa on the Earth. The temperature has changed drastically these past years.

For the last century, the temperature has increased about one degree Fahrenheit. The effect of global warming happens everywhere, and will continue to do so if nothing is done. By the year 2070, the glaciers in Montana will melt, creating devastation to many people who live in the area. The Arctic Ocean has lost about 6% of its sea ice in the past seventeen years. Beaches around the world are loosing their beach lines. Polar bears aren’t giving birth to as many cubs because the glaciers are melting much sooner and quicker in the spring. I understand that much of our economy depends on factories and cars.

I also understand that the if we were to reduce emissions of green house gases about 5% below 1990 levels by the year 2012, it would be too costly for our industries. But let me ask you. Does not our Constitution state in the Preamble, “… secure the blessings of liberty and our posterity… “? Our forefathers wanted to preserve the liberty they had won so that future generations could also have liberty. Both the liberty of the individual and liberty of the country would have been vainly won if our future generations cannot enjoy it as well.

Though our country is in a depression, something still should e committed to help save this planet. An intelligent person will think of the present, of what they can accomplish now. But a wise person will not only look at the present, but into the past and the future. So let us all be wise. Global warming is not a problem that will just disappear. Action needs to be made, action that needs to be started now. There is never a gain without a loss, nor is there ever a loss without a gain. Let us sacrifice some of our economy, to bring back the renaissance of new life for our children, our hope, our future.


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