Please write a 1250-1500 word essay in response to the prompt stated below. In writing this essay, you should use the textbook and classroom discussion as your foundation. You should not try to summarize the reading assignments in turn, but only those parts that are relevant to dealing with the prompt and for setting up and helping to explain the critical remarks in your paper. In this paper you should have your own thesis to defend about the question identified in the prompt. You are not required to use any sources other than the ones or this unit and your own mind.

However, you are permitted to use such additional sources. For any sources you use, except your own mind, you should provide documentation in one of the usual ways. This includes this course=s textbook, and applies both to summarized and paraphrased material drawn from any of these sources. The paper should be word processed and presented in the form of a paper, not of an exam. In other words, there should be a title and introductory paragraph where your thesis is clearly stated and the plan of your discussion explained.

This is like a unit exam, but I wish to make this an opportunity for you to practice the mechanics of paper writing. Prompt Begin by explaining why the question of why there is something rather than nothing can reasonably become the question of whether there are any necessary beings. Next describe two ways of arguing for the existence of a necessary being. (There is more than one way in each of the chapters. ) Compare and contrast your selected two ways and defend a thesis about which of the two seems a better (or less worse) way to argue for the existence of a necessary being.


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