Although he thought that this was going to be a good opportunity he fell quickly back into using drugs, leaning the drugs and becoming a prostitute. Further in the book the young man catches himself and gets his life back on track but seems to always fall into a cycle of being clean to using. Each cycle is different depending on where he is, who he is with, and if his parents or sponsor could find him. The young man does realize what he is doing and that it is ruining his relationship with him family, sponsor, and friends yet he continues to follow the same path he has been on for years.

After reading this book it caught my attention on how Just one drug or many drugs in this instance can change a person so much even if they are trying their best to make their life better. It also was interesting to see how the different environments changed the way he used or got him to stop using all together. I know that it is hard to quit a ha that a person has but I don’t understand how if a person is clean and has a good lifestyle in a treatment program, why they would leave knowing that they are going use again.

According to the book “Drugs, Behavior, & Modern Society’, the drug methamphetamine is a psycho stimulant that is known to increase a person’s alertness, invincibility, energy, induces euphoria and can enhance a person’s self- esteem in high doses. When a person starts to use methamphetamine they have higher risk of abusing the drug or becoming addicted. Methamphetamine releases high dose of dopamine into the brain where it blocks the process of eruptive and also pushes more dopamine out; may cause Parkinson disease. According to the movie, “Drugs, Inc. Meet”, the dopamine level that is being produced while under the influence of methamphetamine is 1,200% more than normal level of dopamine production. Due to the intense effects and the high rate in addiction this drug is classified as a Schedule II drug (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012). The drug meet has many different street names such as crank, crystal, chalk, ice, LA glass, cotton candy, no doze, etc. There are different ways in which a person can admits the drug such as injection, snorting, or smoking.

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Once the drug is in a person’s system, the effects can last up to 8 hours; this drug is the most addictive substance the world. Although it is very addictive, it is FDA approved for certain treatments of ADD and obesity. A movie that watched was “Drugs, Inc. – Meet”. This movie is related to our class material in many ways. We are learning about different drugs, person’s tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, dependency, administration, addiction, and other problems that people face with the war on drugs.

America and Asia are starting to face an epidemic with the use of methamphetamine. Once a person becomes tolerant towards a drug, they begin to have a compulsive need to consume more of the drug such as having a craving. After a person starts to have a compulsion deed the tolerance level in the brain becomes very high and can be very bad for a person because it can cause death. Many addicts have a physical dependence on their choice of drug because they are scared of the withdrawal symptoms.

Many years ago meet was only made in laboratories, where now it can be made in the comfort of your own home, garages and cars. We can access household items that can produce the drug meet. Within a person’s household the items that are readily available could consist of ammonium fertilizer, lithium from batteries, and pseudoscience. According to the movie, “Drugs, Inc. Meet”, in the last 10 years methamphetamine have taken over the nation, where in 2009 there were 1 ,500 m labs accounted for and 53,000 people using the drug in Missouri.

Also a hospital in Missouri has spent about $300,000 dollars in charity for meet related emergencies. There are also over 51 million users worldwide using this drug. According to the boo “Drugs, Behavior, & Modern Society’, in the sass methamphetamine abuse emerged onto the drug scene where it became a major stimulant of abuse in the United States. In 2012 a study named Monitoring the Future (MET) recorded that 1 . % of 8th graders, 1. % of 10th graders, and 1 . 7% of 12th graders have used methamphetamine within the past year normal.

Also according to MET, approximately 13 million people, 12 years and older have abused methamphetamine in their lifetimes; in 2010, approximately 353,000 were current users. Another sure was given in 2011 by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health for ages 12 and older, it was found that age 26 or older had the highest percentage (5. 3%) for using methamphetamine (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012). Using the statistics that we know it is safe to say that methamphetamine use is worse than we thought.

I believe that it should be moved into the Schedule I drugs because of the intense effects and also how easily it is to make at home. Most methamphetamine users began using this drug because it was cheaper than crack or cocaine. Many drug cartels from a supernal in Mexico were drug traffickers that smuggles the drug into the United States through the San Diego border. Although there are border patrols and police officers watching the cars come to and from Mexico, some smugglers have found ways to hide their drugs.

According to the movie “Drugs, Inc. – Meet”, a man named Lopez was caught in 2005 for drug trafficking. Lopez used to bring methamphetamine into the United States from Mexico daily where he hid the drugs in a secret compartment in his car. There were also motorcyclists that hid their methamphetamine in the crank of their motorcycle; that is where the street name “crank” originated. These motorcyclists were transporting their drugs across the United States rather than over the border.

There has been an increase in the number of Mexican suppliers and as a result methamphetamine use has now reached epidemic levels due to how cheap the drug is sold for. About 80 % of the drugs that are sold in the United States are from Mexico. With methamphetamine being about 90% pure, this means that the meet that is being produced is faster and stronger, making addiction happen more rapidly (Cantor, 2012). According to the movie, around 1 million grams of this substance is smoked, snorted, or injected a day.

Although amphetamines are used for a beneficial purpose they can still become addictive. Some beneficial uses of this drug are to help with depression in temporarily elevating a person’s mood, weight control, narcolepsy where the stimulants are used to keep tenants awake during the day, and to help treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD) by helping with the problems with attention, hyperactivity, impulsively, and motor activity. Narcolepsy and ADD are the two main focuses now for the beneficial purpose of amphetamines.

A newer drug named modulation (Providing) is being given that promotes wakefulness by increasing the activity of the neurotransmitters morphogenesis and dopamine (Leviathan, 2012). When you are using amphetamine to treat ADD, the drug is used to calm the patient down enough that they are able to focus on their perceived task. Two drugs that are given are Rattail which is methamphetamine and is given in 2 doses and Derail which is decontamination and elephantiasis and is given in a single dose (Leviathan, 2012). There are treatment facilities available to addicts if they choose to take part in one.

Some treatments would include inpatient, outpatient, or counseling programs. Most drug users aren’t able to obtain medical insurance where out of those users around 48% are meet consumers. With these meet abusers not being able to obtain the insurance needed, they are unable to attend the treatment facilities. According to the book “Drugs, Behavior, & Modern Society’, methamphetamine abusers use the drug throughout the whole day such as in intervals compared to cocaine users who primarily binge during the evenings. Meet abusers believe that they have control over their drug use and find quitting to difficult.

Around 125,000 Americans seek treatment and believe that a high power is their answer to recovery such as going to church weekly. Scientists are now testing a drug that can possibly cure the meet addiction of an addict. The drug that is being tested is Buddhist where it is being seed in Japan for asthma and stroke victims (Brown, 2013). There is a treatment center in Florida called Florida Center for Recovery. This treatment center have a variety of therapies which include psychotherapy, detect massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga and cross fit/personal training.

They focus on a 12-step program where they treat addicts’ that are inpatient, outpatient, residential detect, and partial hospitalizing. The patients that are enrolled into this treatment program engage in private and group therapies that are held by mental health unsolder, doctors, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, and therapists. They focus on physical, emotion, and spiritual recovery, treating the whole mind and body. Their goal is to have their patients focus on the now and not what happened in the past.

Another program that helps with this addiction is “The Saint Jude Program”. This program focuses on empowering a person to change their behavior and to help solve their defeating habits. They rely on a six week program that consists of empowering a person for a positive lifestyle change, self-evaluating and building self-awareness, ND helping their patients build a plan for a successful future. After a patient has completed the six week program they have the option of enrolling into a 4 week program to keep building on the success they have got.

The difference from a non- treatment program and a treatment facility is that in a non-treatment program know that a person’s brain can be re-mapped through Just changing a person’s habits, teaching the patient that their addiction is not genetically inherited, they do not judge or put labels on their clients, they stress that addiction is not a disease yet it is choice, it is a non-religious program but accepts everyone’s beliefs and uses freedom and education model to help with their patients success in recovery.


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