When I first found out that our art class needed to visit a museum and then write a paper on it, I was not thrilled at all. Art has never been interesting to me especially because I do not have the skills to draw. When I arrived at the museum my eyes light up and my mouth dropped instantly. Everything in there was fascinating and was eye catching. I was extremely excited to take the tour and then go back on my own and look at other works of art. The tour I took was Egyptian Art and my tour guides name was Geoffrey R.

The tour was different than I expected and I was so engaged into everything my tour guide was saying. The first painting we looked at was “ Portrait of a Boy” a gift of Edward S. Harkness. My tour guided reported the high of the picture is about 40cm and the width is 19cm. The boy is dressed in a white Roman tunic with a purple vertical stripe over his right shoulder. There is a mantle also draped over the boys left shoulder. On his shirt there is purple writing in Greek right below his neck.

They are still unsure of what it says exactly but they think it says his name “Eutyches” then states something about “son of Herakleides Evandros”. The next portrait we visited was called “Portrait of a young woman in red” This portrait is a 15 x 7 ? inches and was dated in A. D 90-120. In the backround of this portrait is golden and the woman in the portrait has a very serious look with extremely long eye lashes. She has short black hair with loose curls and has a gold necklace and earrings on. “Door Jamb of Sitepihu” was the next thing we visited.

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This certified who was mayor in Abydos who was known as a reference to the female pharaoh Hatshepsuts. This writing talks about the gods Ptah-Sokar and Anubis. This relief is about 11 inches tall and was created out of limestone as well. Our next visit was to “Face attributed to Ptolemy II Philadelphos or a contemporary” This was given to the pharaoh Ptolemy II. The face has one eye while the other one is not shown, eye brows, a nose but most of it looks like someone bit it off, noticeable cheek bones, mouth, and a chin.

The face’s outline and shape looks almost like a baby pumpkin. The “Gold Sandals, Toe and Finger Stalls” belonged to three foreign wives of Thutmose lll, Maruta, Manhata, and Manuwai. The jewelry was found in a cave in the desert mountain cliffs in Wady Gabbanat el-Qurud in western Thebes. The gold sandals have been decorated to copy tooled leather that would have been worn by the living. The gold finger and toe stalls were found on a mummy’s hands and feet. Next was “Collar with medallions containing coins of emperors” This necklace was all gold with 5 gold coins hanging off it.

The collar almost looks like gold wire twirled together to create a necklace. On the coins were Emperors Lucius Verus, Alexander Severus, and Julie Domma. The mask “Artemidora” is a girl laying down lying with her hair hair in small curls covering her forehead too. On the side of her face is a black Egyptian-style wig. The black locks are forced with gold rings for fashion. She has a dark red tunic with thick black stripes outlined in gold. Her jewelry is snake, bracelets, and gold earrings.

The back of her head is decorated with images showing rebirth and on the bottom of her foot is an image of Anubis direction of the disk of the moon. Through out my whole tour I was so temped to go off on my own and admire all the great things in the museum. Although I didn’t have enough time to do so, I am planning on revisiting again in the springtime along with my boyfriend and family. This museum and class has given me a different prospective of art and I am extremely excited to revisit, and am now looking into taking more art classes at Mercy.


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