Week 5 Discussion Questions MGT 521 Management University of Phoenix February 23, 2010 Week 5 Problem Statement Discussion Questions o Create a problem statement, from the issues you selected, which focuses management’s efforts to resolve these issues and achieve the organization’s goals. Create an end vision of Kudler Fine Foods by describing where Kudler could be if this opportunity is realized by management action. Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store that offers the finest meats, produce, cheeses, wines, and baked goods (Apollo, 2008).

Some of their issues are that they deal in mainly perishable goods, have a high pay-roll because of specialty positions, a small management team with too many responsibilities, one location is not doing well, and there are geographic expansion limitations (Apollo, 2008). The hiring and formation of a larger management team would be a reasonable solution to the problem that Kudler Fine Foods is experiencing. According to the strategic plan, at present Kathy Kudler is attempting to handle all aspects of her business without a management team in place (Apollo, 2008).

This is currently causing a small team of employees’ issues because Kathy Kudler has not empowered them to make necessary decisions if she is unavailable (Apollo, 2008). The end vision of Kudler Fine Foods can be realized by the actions of a larger management team. Addressing the issues of inventory, reducing payroll, and location and geographic limitations by the larger management team would possible allow the company to grow. This turn would increase profits while capitalizing on a few of the current strengths of the organization, which are no direct competition, very customer orientated, and lots of valued customers (Apollo, 2008).

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Kudler Fine Foods can expect to grow if the larger management team is hired and powered by Kathy Kudler to make the necessary changes and adjustments to the current situation (Apollo, 2008). In the event that Kathy Kudler does not make these changes, her company will continue to experience problems, profits could decrease, and Kudler Fine Foods would not exist (Apollo, 2008). Week 5 Assessed Tutorials Discussion Questions o In which single area do you need to develop a better understanding? According, to the Prentice Hall online tutorials there is no one area I need a better understanding on, but if I had to choose on it would be accounting. What is your plan to accomplish that better understanding? To continue on my path of obtaining my MBA with a concentration in accounting. Reading more on accounting principles and being enrolled in accounting courses will help me to achieve a better understanding. Week 5 Concentration Consideration Discussion Questions o As you look over Kudler Fine Foods and the areas of business covered both last week and this week, are any of the concentrations appealing to you? Do any relate well to particular issues at Kudler Fine Foods?

The area of business that I find more appealing and there is a concentration would be marketing. One of the most interesting topics for me is Consumer Behavior. Consumer behavior was what determined Kudler Fine Foods owner Kathy Kudler wanted was to buy gourmet foods at one location and her decision to establish Kudler Fine Foods. Also, consumer behavior influences how Kudler Fine Foods makes planning and inventory decisions (Apollo, 2008). So besides the traditional marketing concept of communication, promotion, branding, etc. , marketing affects the operational matters in a business like Kudler Fine Foods (Apollo, 2008).

Marketing could help Kudler Fine Foods resolve some of its business issues. For example, Understanding of advertising and promotion methods and their effectiveness would help Kudler Fine Foods capitalize their marketing investments and be more successful in persuading the consumers (Apollo, 2008). As Kudler Fine Foods has intentions of developing e-commerce capabilities, the topic on Technology Applications and e-Marketing would be also useful (Apollo, 2008). Marketing could be considered as a comprehensive concentration, which could help me either if I’m working for a company or establishing one of my own.

In business, there is always a client for which to create and deliver goods and or services, so I believe this concentration could be useful to any type of organization (Apollo, 2008). References Apollo Group, Inc. (2008). Kudler Fine Foods. Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/cist/vop/business/Kudler/Admin/StrategicPlan2003. pdf. University of Phoenix. (1995-2010). Prentice Hall Online Tutorials: Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Statistics. Retrieved from http://wps. pearsoncustom. com/pcp_90734_uop_casefair/


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