The movie Capitalism: A Love Story is a documental by Michael Moore which outlines the negative effects capitalist economy has on modern society. Moore points out that capitalist economy gives people the chance to do a batch of money and to hold a high criterion of life. However. for many workers. doing an income to back up a household can be rather impossible. At one clip. you could happen a unafraid occupation and populate a good life. but capitalist economy has evolved into a system of greed where merely the rich get richer. and the in-between category acquire poorer with no opportunity to better themselves. This reappraisal will analyse the positive and negative impacts of capitalist economy shown in the movie. every bit good as supply my remarks as to why I enjoyed the movie.

Capitalism gives us the freedom to make what we want and to do what we want of ourselves. It gives one the chance to work every bit much or every bit small as one wants. and to hold the ability to do more money than others. At one clip. if you worked difficult. you could do a batch of money. and you could buy a house. autos and many stuff ownerships for yourself and your household. One could reason that even today. with a good instruction and a unafraid occupation. one could bask the benefits of a good life. Thus. corporations provided occupations. substructure and security for its employees and subcontractors. However. corporations have evolved and will go on to germinate. In some instances. modern companies have evolved positively where they can gain and. at the same clip. handle all employees including CEOs reasonably.

Some such concerns are run democratically by all the workers. who besides own the company. because they have an equal say and ballot in the running of the operation. These worker-owned companies. such as the staff of life company in California. supply a good income for all their workers. The employees portion every bit in the net incomes. and net income sharing is non dependent on the place one holds. One proprietor commented that the more hours one works toward the benefit of the company. the more one portions in the net income. Detrimentally. many corporations have evolved negatively where the CEOs are merely concerned about make fulling their ain personal pockets with increasing net incomes and non caring at all about the wellbeing of their employees.

Michael Moore thirstily points out the negative impacts capitalist economy has on society. Capitalism no longer provides people with the long-run sustainability needed to back up themselves and their households. A good illustration of this is when Moore speaks out about his hometown of Flint. Michigan. and the GM works where most of the citizens worked. When the automotive company shut down. the workers lost their occupations. and they had nowhere to turn for money. Moore alluded the ground the works shut down was for the CEOs’ benefit because they were seeking to do more net income. while non giving a 2nd idea for the public assistance of the people of Flint.

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As a consequence. many households lost their places. and Flint became an abandoned metropolis. Capitalism does non care about the mean individual because it is a system where corporations compete for higher net incomes and more benefits for the rich CEOs. If the GM works in Flint was be aftering to shut. and there was any respect for its employees. why was there no attempt made to retrain employees with accomplishments needed for other occupations so that they could go on to back up their households and debts? In fact. CEOs of big corporations anteroom and influence authorities policies to allow particular revenue enhancement cuts and fillips leting corporate functionaries to do more money. and in return. avaricious authorities functionaries besides benefit by having corporate favors and benefits. Therefore. Wall Street and authorities functionaries help make full each other’s bank histories.


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