Microbiology Paper

            “Nosocomial infections occur in hospitalized patients as complications of their primary disease” (Kayser, 2005, p.342). This kind of infection is a threat to patients because it can make their conditions much worse. Also, it would not look good if a hospital is found to have an environment that is not suitable for recovering from illnesses.

            Millions of Americans acquire infections from medical supplies that are used on them while they are treated inside a hospital. To address this growing concern, a medical team at the University of Florida came up with a washable microbicidal coating that can be placed on the surfaces of dressings, gowns, or bed sheets. This coating can kill bacteria that comes in contact with and was made washable so that it can be used again as in bedsheets or gowns that are constantly used and needed inside hospitals. It can also be used outside the hospital setting to those who work in jobs that expose them to bacteria thus making them prone to infections. As well, this microbicidal coating was meticulously made for bacteria to have a hard time surviving in it (ScienceDaily, 2006). This will assure that every material that has this coating will not contain any bacteria harmful to the patients.

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            Hospital-acquired infections are not unusual. No matter how clean things or places are, bacteria and other harmful substances can still thrive especially in surroundings where they are abundant like hospitals and laboratories. However, this does not mean that the public or the medical world should not do anything about. Nosocomial infections places a great risk or threat to those who have immunocompromised conditions. With its inexpensive cost, hospitals and other similar settings should take time to apply this washable microbicidal coating to their supplies and clothings.


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