In Milan Kundera’s novel.The Intolerable Elation of Being.the writer uses plentifulness of literary elements to bind together his points in an attempt to assist readers understand the basic premiss behind the work. Though there are plentifulness of literary subjects that can be found throughout the work. the most of import 1s are the subjects that Kundera uses. every bit good as the characters in the novel. By creatively utilizing these things in his work. Kundera helps explicate what might hold otherwise been a reasonably complex ideal. In add-on. the writer is able to bind these things together to make a step of lucidity for readers as they progress through the work.

Subject is used in the novel to acquire across the basic thoughts that the writer is set on affecting into the reader. Since the fresh relies largely on equivocal thoughts to acquire across difficult to happen points. the use of different subjects are critically of import to the development of the narrative. As one might anticipate from the rubric of the work. Kundera uses elation and the thought of weight as one of the primary subjects throughout the book.

Even in the rubric. one can see the duality that exists. Elation in itself is non something that should be excessively heavy to bear. Yet. the writer is able to masterfully entwine these two thoughts to convey the point of his narrative. Through the full work. the characters of the book are seeking hard within themselves to happen a solution to the primary inquiry presented in the rubric. Their hunt for the of import things in life is done in order to both happen significance and relieve themselves of some of the weightiness that their being light creates.

Another of import subject that the writer uses is political relations. Though the characters carry on with their lives throughout the work. they are invariably linked to both each other and to their corporate yesteryears by their implicit in political beliefs. A good illustration of this can be found on page 123 of the novel. when Sabina receives word that the political state of affairs in Prague has cost Tomas and Tereza their lives.

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The book reads. “She could non acquire over the intelligence. The nexus to her yesteryear had been broken” ( 123 ) . English expert Jay Braiman describes a literary subject as. “The chief thought or message conveyed by the piece” ( Braiman ) . It is clear in the narrative that the writer uses both political relations and the thought of weight as the chief thought in the work. The desire to get away from the weight of life was something that drove each of the characters. while political relations served as a chief thought in seeking all of the characters together.

Fictional characters were the 2nd literary component used by the writer to make the work. Not merely do the characters power the action. but they shed a small spot of visible radiation into the what the other characters were believing. Simply holding characters is non plenty to set up something as an of import literary component. As the writer clearly understood. the characters must be used in the most efficient. useless manner possible in order to assist force the thought of the narrative frontward. The characters in this novel are non merely there for an arbitrary ground. Alternatively. they play an active function in the narrative in set uping the primary facets of secret plan development.

A Eugene Knight book reappraisal of the work negotiations to the importance of the characters by stating. “The really fact that they stay together and look to happen some grade of felicity illustrates that an credence of a relationship that falls good short of fulfilling and carry throughing hopes. is possible” ( Knight ) . One can easy see that the writer used the literary component of characters to bind in the many subjects that he utilized and assist the reader understand the underlying struggle in Czechoslovakia at the clip.

Overall. the book is a commentary on the grounds why people need people so much. This is a complex thought to set up. particularly when one considers the fact that it is set against such a tough background. Kundera established his first-class work on the footing that his characters would make the speaking for him. Alternatively of holding to explicate things to readers to acquire them to purchase in to the chief point of the book. he had characters live out their existent life experiences to acquire across the points.

Even more significantly than that. he was able to convey the characters closer to the subjects that were so of import to the writer in this book. No 1 literary subject overtook the book or overpowered it. They all worked together in a holier-than-thou harmoniousness that non merely told a narrative. but helped the reader interpret the narrative. The thought that a individual who is excessively light could non bear that weight is a pathetic one at first. but as the reader farther understands the things that the characters are traveling through. they can get down to see how such a duality can go rather a riddle.

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