Cadet Thompson MS II Mon,Wed-11am Military Science Warrior Ethos Paper In this paper we are supposed to provide three examples of when we have seen someone demonstrate and exemplify three of the “Warrior Ethos” which are “I will always place the mission first”, “I will never accept defeat”, “I will never quit”, and “I will never leave a fallen comrade” The first example I will provide is how I my battle buddy from Basic Training, named “Tanner” overcame his fears. I believe that his story can incorporate both “I will never accept defeat” and “I will never quit” ethos.

Tanner enlisted as a 92R, a Parachute Rigger. Now for a lot of people, that would be an absolutely amazing MOS to start with, being that you are guaranteed to get to go Airborne. However, as it turns out Tanner was EXTREMELY terrified of heights as we found first in Red Phase during, Fit To When, a team building obstacle course, with minimal height. So it became more and more apparent that maybe being a Parachute Rigger maybe wasn’t for him, as his hidden extreme fear of heights had emerged and revealed itself.

As Basic Training progressed on, so did the obstacles and so did the heights. His fear of heights became even more apparent during Victory Tower. Tanner REFUSED to go off of the rappelling side. Luckily for Tanner, our Drill Sergeants were somewhat understanding as was our Company Commander. Tanner had a baby boy back at home, and even with the offer of a phone call home to his wife and child, he still wouldn’t budge. However after nearly an hour he finally went down, and LOVED it! Now here is where I believe that the warrior ethos, “I will never accept defeat” came into play.

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Tanner went on to complete Basic Training, even with all of the obstacles that followed such as the confidence course, in which the entirety of it was pretty much up in the air. That is where I believe the warrior ethos “I will never quit” went into play, because even with his extreme fear, he overcame faced adversity and overcame many other, much larger challenges. I’m sure that you have heard the term “Soup Sandwich” which to be politically correct, roughly translates into a hot mess.

Well in my Basic Training Platoon, we had a female who completely and totally exemplified what it meant to be a Soup Sandwich. She had no drive, she did not want to be there, and for lack of a better term she was a “p. o. s” which most definitely isn’t exactly the most PC term. However if you were to see this particular individual, I can almos guarantee that you would have the same feelings. She was the cause of many a smoke session. But instead of just simply giving up, and


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