How did William Blake and Grace Nichols present a place they know well? The ways in which Blake and Nichols present a place they know well are completely different, one is seen as a horrible place and is told to be a horrible place, but the other is seen as paradise, the best place on earth, with sun, sea, great views, the lot. Throughout the whole of the poem ‘London’ we can see Blake is telling us the miseries of London, what a horrible, dreary, miserable place it is, ‘In every cry of every man, in every infants cry of fear’ this is a horrible place where even the children cry, ND what on earth would a child have to cry about, all the time!

It is similar in Nichols portrayal of the Caribbean, everyone thinks, even me, that the Caribbean is a wonderful place of Joy, of comfort, of relaxation, but really and truly, according to Grace Nichols, it is a place of death and discomfort, a place to worry, the place to be nervous, ‘These islands not picture postcards’, surely that is suggesting towards the fact that unless you’ve really experienced the Caribbean, you don’t know what Is hiding within the heart of the islands.

No poet does anything, leaves anything to chance, so why has Blake written this poem, is it to show the public how to change, how to stop the city, the country turning into a plague ridden country, where nothing stays alive and happy, for more than 30 years, or is Blake trying to say, these streets may be owned, ‘each chartered street’, but, as people, we are not Blake must be trying to get the message across that If everyone were to stand up for their rights, then surely, they could prevent the country’s turmoil, because If the people, and the citizens don’t want to live than the entry shall die with them.

Nichols, however Is trying to show that the Caribbean Is past that stage and Is already going towards turmoil, towards death, these Islands split bone’. How can an island split bone, either the Islands man too much to her and the fact that It Is slowly deteriorating means It pains her so much, It splits her bones, or she Is saying that the Islands are so real, ‘more real than flesh and blood’, that they will have their bone split, that they themselves have feelings, that they are a body.

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But neither of these suggestions persuade me, I believe Grace Is referring to the amount of dead bodies, lying beneath the Islands, and the amount they mean to the people above the ground who are still alive. They are the basis of the Islands, they are the blood and the heart and all the Important organs and because they have been dead for so long, the body skin and organs have deteriorated and are now Just skeletons and when the Islands are disgraced, the bodies are too and their bones are splitting at the thought f everybody leaving, meaning the memories of the Islands will be forgotten, along with them.

Blake has specifically and perfectly structured this poem In order to make It feel Like London, because as I said before, poets leave nothing to chance! The poem Is organized and controlled to portray the life of London, organized, controlled, structured and this means Blake feels London Is all of these things, but It’s too much, be allowed to be anything they want, children shouldn’t be working as chimney sweeps, ‘How the chimney sweepers cry, men shouldn’t be risking their lives in the army when royalty and the politicians couldn’t care less, ‘hapless soldiers sigh runs in blood down palace walls. All these things, they’re no way to live a life, life in a big city like London should be happy, careless, not organized and controlled by the people with more money. But, on the contrary, Nichols believes life is a free Journey that should be explored, this is portrayed through her free verse poem meaning she can keep her options open, Grace doesn’t tie herself down with one feeling, one idea, she leaves the poem ere verse, meaning it can be changed at any one time.

I believe, Grace believes that the islands were once a happy place, they were free, but slowly but surely they are becoming something they’re not, Nichols can feel the islands slowly moving away from her and how she wants to old on forever and never let go, she knows eventually, she will lose grip, but this is all too soon. Blake portrays the moaning and the hurt of the citizens of London through using long vowel sounds, such as ‘Oh’ sounds and ’00’ sounds


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