Throughout The Crucible we respond to Miller’s representation of Giles Corey by seeing him as a loyal, commendable character. Corey also provides us with a sense of amusement which given the situation Is a trait we do not see from many of the characters. Miller makes us respond Like this through Corers ladybird, easygoing outlook on life and particularly the witch hunts which are currently occurring; also his loyalty Is emphasized through his final sacrifice.

In Act 1 our Initial Impression of Corey is influenced by Millers description of him as an “independent” character who didn’t give a hoot for public opinion” – this makes us see Corey as a strong willed man who will not just sit back and watch this lie take anymore lives and ultimately makes us warm to him. Miller also makes us respect Corey through his friendship with another respected figurehead of the community Proctor as together they share a hatred for Thomas Putnam.

Corer’s high values and kind nature are shown through this hatred as Putnam is depicted as “vindictive” and selfish which are clearly traits that Corey does not value. Corey is also described as a “comical hereof’ in Millers introduction of the character – an aspect of his character which is shown throughout the play when Corey plays up to the stereotypical old man. This Is shown when Corey misunderstands the question asked to him about “the strange behavior of a hog” and the word “freighted” Indicates early signs of Corey being a source of amusement in the play which overall adopts a serious tone.

Corers amusing misunderstanding of situations is again when he boasts about “collect[ins] four pound damages” for Proctor supposedly “biblically saying’ [Giles] burned the roof of [Proctors] house”. Proctors denial of this when he is seen as a good man combined with Corer’s old age show us that he is perhaps confused and again reinforces the description of him as a “comical hero”. Not only do we as an audience see Corey as a “comical hero” but many of the other characters seem too as well, we see this when Proctor is “laughing” at Corers accusations.

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Corer’s comical aspect Is also shown through sarcasm when he responding to Paris’ boasts of “Harvard College” by stating that he is “well Instructed In arithmetic”. Miller’s choice to describe Corey as a “comical herd’ and not Just comical Is due to his adventurous life where he has often escaped difficult situations, having been “six time in court this year” yet “never put-upon”.

In spite of this Giles Corer’s laid back legal troubles, Miller describes Corey as “withal a deeply innocent and brave man”. Corers bravery is put to the test when he interrupts the court proceedings in Act 3 despite the warning that “[you] cannot go in there… It’s a court” yet he comes “roaring’ into this court! This fearless outburst also indicates Corers love and loyalty to his wife and he tries valiantly to save her life by standing up to people of great power and bending the rules.

Miller makes me respond to Corers loyalty causes empathy as we know that he meant well and was only curious about the “books she reads and why she hides them”. His deep sorrow and emotion is shown as he “helpless[lay] sobs” and “openly weep[s]”. “Openly’ provides yet more evidence that he does not care for public pollen as he Is clearly not embarrassed; Helpless” also strengths our Interpretation of Corey as an emotional, caring man, who selflessly puts others before him.

Corer’s loyalty continues till his death where indictment aye or nay. ” This ultimate sacrifice displays true loyalty as he dies to protect his friends after again refusing to “give [the] name” of the person who “gave [Corey] this information” which would have condemned Putnam. This causes us to respond to Corer’s death by regarding him as a martyr who died to protect goodness and stopped Putnam from claiming his land.

Corers decision to not lie to save his life s also a Juxtaposition used by Miller to cause us to respect Corey as he does not lie to save his life as others such as Tuba and Sarah Good, who went against their belief that God damns all liars and saved their lives which was the weaker choice. In contrast Corer’s decision to save his friends by sacrificing his life shows that he is strong willed and cares for the ones he loves. Overall Miller causes us to respond to Giles Corey through his presentation of him as a “comical hero” who sacrifices his life for loyalty displaying qualities we only hope for in people.


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