What are the key elements of Minder’s approach to knowledge management? How effective are they? Create and support communities of practice. That means to gather groups of people who shared a common Interest or concern and wanted to learn how to do it better. It made the organizations can best stimulate knowledge flows, and made the communication about sharing knowledge more efficient. Encourage employees to self-organization and collaborate through communities of practice. In that sense, people were not motivated by the creative process and their interactions with peers.

KM is as much about culture and social networks as it Is about technology. With this view, KM was no more reduced to content management to become a dull repository. It became a dynamic system that people can share and learn knowledge positively. The people function included KM as an organizational competency. The performance management gave people freedom for getting involved in organization-building activities. And the company sought to create a comprehensive knowledge ecosystem inspired by Juror Knack’s concept of baa.

It dad employees pay more attention to participate In KM, and promoted the important role of KM In company. The COOK of Moldered was well qualified In his position. Data has the necessary talent and the madness to make KM his life’s calling. He also has the suitable personality to be competent for this job. He has a viewpoint on KM and a vision of how it could evolve. A qualified leader made KM develop more well and maintain innovation ability. KM system. Minder built up systems to assist the development of KM, and continuously update.

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The technological yester expand the participation In KM. 2. How does Minder create, develop, and sustain communities of practice? What role do they play at the company? Communities of practice was create to made the organizations can best stimulate knowledge flows. Then, with the accumulated experience, the community maturity model has been developed. It contains three levels from community of interest to capacity building. To develop and sustain communities of practice, Minder took many actions. The community will have a champion.

The role of the community Hampton Is evolved over time as communities progressed through their life cycles. The community champion made a sure that the people of community can be always aligned and motivated. To overcome the concerns about whether KM is successful, Minder organized quarterly feedback sessions between community champions and the KM functions. It also introduced a new forum, the Community Meet, to give community champions the opportunity to learn from one another and interact with other senior managers. With these methods, the communities of practice retain a good trend.

The role of communities of practice: ; Communities of practice provided a channel of enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration. It covered a wide range of technical, nonmathematical, and role-based areas. – Communities of practice took a connection role. It solved the geographical disperse problems, and provided people with an opportunity to interact face to face. 3. How (if at all) does the 5*50 Initiative alter the roles and responsibilities of the knowledge management function? What changes (If any) would you propose? The closer relevance with people function.


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