In Sylvia Plath’s verse form “Mirror” . the reader takes a expression into the messages presented and compares them with the contemplations that are cast in a mirror and images in a lake. When reading this verse form. we discover that the talker is the existent contemplation that gives the reading of its positions. The first reading is shown as a mirror on the wall “I am Ag and exact. I have no prepossessions. ” ( 1 ) . 2nd as the H2O in the lake because she states “Now I am a lake.

” ( 10 ) . and 3rd through the eyes of an aging adult female that is revealed in line 17 “In me she has drowned a immature miss. and in me an old woman/ Rises toward her twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours? ” In the first stanza the contemplation personifies the ability to take in what it sees without judging saying “I have no preconceptions/ Whatever I see I swallow immediately/ Merely as it is. unmisted by love or dislike/ I am non barbarous. merely true? ” ( 1-4 ) . Many descriptions make the reader see through the eyes of the mirror as if it were able to talk back to him or her.

The contemplation views its milieus in a mode of a little kid who has the ability to take in or consume whatever information is presented without respect. Ocular imagination plays an of import function in this verse form and the descriptions make the reader instantly understand the truths within a mirror. In the H2O. the contemplation portrays the shadow of a adult female as she soul hunts for who she truly is in life. “Each forenoon it is her face that replaces the darkness” ( 16 ) . because she can non happen precisely what she is looking for in what she sees through the contemplation.

As a consequence. she reminisces about the prevarications that were told to her in the yesteryear. thinks about brief esthesiss with a spark of uncertainty. and gazes through the shadows of the Moon while she wanders about go throughing clip aimlessly. She’s been faithful in her visits to the lake. because the candle flame and the Moon sunglassess and hides the visual aspect of her age and defects ; the contemplation has seen the immature miss travel off and now it sees an old adult female. So in world. does the truth prevarication in the contemplations that are cast through your ain reading of what you see or from a mirror image?

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With careful consideration. a contemplation can be manifested through one’s ain image. and even though an image gives back the truth. the reflecting surface can be lead oning to one’s oculus. It is clearly evident that we all are capable of understanding and acknowledging the obvious marks in aging. but one’s behaviour. attitude. or external properties reveal the true presence each and every twenty-four hours. Like a fish coming to the Waterss surface. age unfolds its true individuality. Works Cited Plath. Sylvia. “Mirror. ” Anthology of Poetry: Literature and the Writing Process. Ed. Elizabeth McMahan. Susan X Day. and Robert Funk. New York: Macmillan. 1986. 538.


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