Mixmap theoretical account provides information that helps the company to find the factors that efficaciously analyse the present tactics and based on the analysis it can find future tactics. Mixmap theoretical account includes 4P’s. Product life rhythm. BCG matrix and Ansoff matrix.

* Product life rhythm

– Product life rhythms ( PLC ) are the phases that a merchandise goes through during its life rhythm in the market. Product life rhythm is used in order to demo current phase of the merchandise or the company at present which including four phases. Introduction. Growth. Maturity and Decline. PLC is utile for finding the current market place and it is important for the company to accommodate their merchandise or trade names marketing scheme to the altering status of the market environment.

Introduction – is foremost introduced. It offers something new in footings of its design or public presentation. with few rivals offering the same merchandise. Growth – as volume grows. rivals may come in the turning market. Keeping up with demand could turn out to be the chief operations. . Maturity – Demand starts to level off. Operationss will be expected to acquire the costs down in order to keep net incomes or to let monetary value cutting. Decline – After clip. gross revenues will worsen with more rivals dropping out of the market. Eg. M & A ; S is in a high manner industry and its merchandise offering is the latest tendencies and designs with a life of maximal 2 hebdomads so its merchandise life rhythm remedy becomes like the above diagram.

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* Boston Group Matrix

– Uses market portion and market growing standards for finding the attraction and balance of a concern portfolio.

Star – is a concern unit within a portfolio. which has a high market portion in a turning market. It is well- established and antic chances. Question grade – is a concern unit within a portfolio that is in a turning market. but does non yet have high market portion. Cash cow – is a concern unit within a portfolio that has a high market portion in mature market. Dogs – are concern units within a portfolio that have low portion in inactive or worsening markets.


M & A ; S in footings of BCG matrix is either ‘dogs’ ( hard currency in balance ) or inquiry Markss ( hard currency cow ) . The portfolio of M & A ; S’s merchandises is good in dressing holding star place and in nutrient M & A ; S has occupied the place of inquiry grade comparative market portions is low with low industry growing and in fiscal services industry growing is high but M & A ; S’s market portion is low and will necessitate significant capital investing to turn them into ‘stars’ .

* McKinsey Matrix

– Highlights the importance of tantrum between scheme. construction. sytems. staff. manner. accomplishments and superordinate ends. Three facets of forming. First. forming involves a batch more than merely acquiring the organisational construction right ; there are many other elements to go to to. Second. the 7-s model emphasizes fit between all these elements everything from construction to skills demands to be connected together. Third. if directors change one component of the 7-s. the construct of fit suggests they are likely to hold to alter all the other elements as good in order to maintain them all suitably aligned to each other.

Strategy – are plans an organisation formulates to make identified ends. and a set of determinations and actions aimed at deriving a sustainable advantage over the competition Structure – is the cardinal ingredient of forming for success. But construction can merely work if they are supported by formal and informal organisational system System – can be subdivided in two ways. First. systems tend to emphasis either control over inputs or control over end product. The 2nd is between direct and indirect control.

Style – refers to the leading manner of top directors in an organisation and how cardinal directors behave to accomplishing the organisation ends. Staff – is about the sorts of people in the organisation and how they are developed. Skills – relates to staff. It raises non merely staff accomplishments but besides issues to make with how these accomplishments are embedded in and captured by the organisation as a whole. Superordinate ends – refers to the overarching ends or intent of the organisation as a whole. Superordinate ends are placed at the centre of the 7-s model: all other elements should back up these.


M & A ; S are to the full exerting the 7s theoretical account and coordinating at all degrees to bring forth maximal end product. Structure is good defined since it is old participant in this industry so they have learnt a batch from their experience curve and now have developed an outstanding construction. In the initial stage M & A ; S got experience through hit and test method and now have developed good schemes and system. M & A ; S besides has got first-class accomplishments and is full acquiring benefit of these accomplishments. They are good known figures in vesture industry and have gained professional and productive staff. M & A ; S have shared values which are widely spread in its all 7s and are reflected by their strategic moves

* Ansoff’s Matrix

– Is a really utile tool and can be used in about every scenario. It neatly summarizes many of the strategic options confronting organisations.

Market incursion – bing markets and merchandises
This is a scheme by which a company seeks to increase the gross revenues of its present merchandises in its bing markets.
Product development – bing markets and new merchandise
This scheme has the purpose of increasing gross revenues by developing merchandises for a company’s bing market.
Market development – bing merchandises and new markets
This scheme has the purpose of increasing gross revenues by shifting present merchandises to new markets
Diversification – develop new merchandises in new markets
This could be related to what we do at the minute.
Diversification is a high hazard scheme as the concern is unfamiliar with the merchandise and the mark market.


We can see from the Ansoff’s Matrix. M & A ; S’s tiffin of Financial services merchandises will hold involved a variegation scheme. As M & A ; S did non already sells fiscal merchandises. so new market and new merchandise. Both capableness and market consideration has driven M & A ; S into development of new markets and merchandises.


* Price – The monetary value of a merchandise or service is the of import influencers in the determination on whether to purchase. Eg. Marks and Spencer vary in monetary value. However most of the merchandises seem to be reasonably inexpensive low-cost monetary values. This is good because the apparels are of good quality ; nevertheless the pricing isn’t excessively expensive. * Promotion – represents all of the methods of communicating that a seller may utilize to supply information to different parties about the merchandise. The publicity mix consists of four elements: advertisement. gross revenues publicity. public dealingss and personal merchandising. Eg. Marks and Spencer tend to advance ladies manner chiefly on Television and on their web site. They besides advertise on hoardings etc.

* Place – refers to supplying the merchandise at a topographic point. which is convenient for consumers to entree. eg. For M & A ; S all ladies manner is placed on a certain floor in the shop. so it is easy found and is easy to turn up. and happen peculiar merchandise. * Product – Product covers both the utility and demand for an point in general and besides any specific characteristics and benefits. In general. when purchasing the fast manner apparels. manner and quality are the cardinal demands for client. If it is to stand out from challengers merchandises. It can be done by altering this trade name name. quality. and packaging. Eg. M & A ; S offers many different vesture constructs for adult male. adult female and kids. and besides sell accessory and decorative


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