That is the question that is constantly being thrown around in the media and in turn, to all of us here at home. For me the answer is quite simple, and I will tell you why. Jordan (MS) is “the best,” ND Lebanon is the second best, or is he? MS won six rings and Lebanon James won Just one. Does that make MS better or not? MS played in the Bulls and Lebanon played with Calves, then moved to the Heat.

I like MS because he was so good and never really showed off, he was selfless. I don’t like Lebanon because he shows off too much and plays dirty. MS was a team player and Lebanon is ball hog. I know the NAB is way different now, considering that a lot of the NAB players are stronger. Well this evaluation can determent by the championships, skill, popularity, who had the better team. Maybe you can say MS is better in the 4th quarter than Lebanon or other way around. Other differences between MS and Lebanon could be that, Jordan had three seasons of playing college basketball with great players and a great coach.

MS won an NCAA championship and would then later learn how to lose in the same NCAA tournament. He understood how to win with great players and how to play with role players and make them better. Because of this, Lebanon will never have the leadership ability of M]. Lebanon could not teach his teammates in Cleveland how to be better and to be a champion, he had never been there. But you can say that does not really matter because skill matters more than leadership. But does that really matter? So what’s more important “How their stats looked in their first year winning a Hampshire” or “How they perform? Many people seem to think that MS had success right away. It took Jordan 7 years to win his first championship, at the age of 28. Lebanon won his first NAB championship 9 years into his NAB career, at the age of 27. Although Lebanon has 2 years on MS due to skipping out on college, it is truly remarkable for him to win at that age. By the time of M’s first NAB championship in 1991, he had been the Nab’s MAP twice; once in 1988 and again in 1991, the year of his first title, Lebanon has three MAP awards at the time of his first title; with an MAP in 009, 2010, and in his first championship year in 2012.

You can see the comparisons, but it does not stop there. Countless people admire M’s ability to play defense as well as offense. At the time of his first championship, MS had been on the NAB All Defensive First tenant 4 times from 1988-1991. How many does Lebanon have? He has four, from 2009 until now in 2012. When you look at their stats for their years leading up to their first championship the two NAB greats are close again. In his first 9 years, Lebanon has averaged 27. 6 PIG, 6. 9 BAG and 7. 9 RPG. Looking at MI’s first 7 years, he averaged 31. 5 PIG, 5. 6 BAG and about 6 rebounds.

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As you can see, Michael scored more points per game but didn’t contribute in the rebounding and distributing the way that Lebanon does. Both Lebanon and Michael Jordan won the Rookie of the year award, but it took both of them quite some time to win their first NAB championship. People always put so much space in between Michael Jordan and the rest of the field, but if Lebanon James can continue what he’s started in his career we may need to close that gap. Lebanon has the chance now with a quality team to not only add more cords, but also more Championships.

MS was more than Just stats, he was beautiful to watch and he was extremely artistic in his creativity. Lebanon could win 10 rings and he would still not be greater than M]. His performances in Finals’ games are like mud when compared to Jordan. In 2007, he led the Cleveland cavaliers to the finals to play against the spurs, but he had no team so he was put down. In 2011, Lebanon James Joined forces with Deanne Wade and Chris Bosh, together they went to the finals to play against the Dallas mavericks but the mavericks were too strong and put he heat out . 012 He was still on the heat ready to get another chance to go to the finals, and he did, he beat the Boston Celtic to move on to the finals again. All together Lebanon James has been to the finals 3 times. MS goes to the NAB finals six times and won them all. The problem is Jordan stats are crazy and Lebanon’s are good too, but not out of this world like Ms. When it counted Jordan did it every time, but Lebanon would choke. That goes to show how much better MS is. Or you might say that Lebanon is powerful and smart enough on the floor but he still has not developed the lull array of offensive moves that he should have at this point.

When Lebanon learns to play with his back turned in the post then he will be unstoppable. Or you can say, First pick? M]. Now and always. No one could guard him, and he’s excelled off the double team. When MS gets the ball, there is no one who can stop him, but James is a crazy player. MS is basketball. He’s a living legend. Multiple championships, highlight reels, you name it. Lebanon is not even in M’S category. No comparison. Michael Jordan is the face of athleticism, is the legend of basketball. But never fear. Lebanon will be remembered.

He holds his head high in the ranks of Bird, Barley, Bryant, Chamberlain, West and Magic. But Lebanon would never be better than MS or would he? In conclusion, Lebanon may be the greatest player ever to play the game. His story isn’t over yet. He has the size, the athleticism and the tools to get there; but statistically and when it counted Jordan did it every time. Jordan is superior in scoring, and a better passer. The gap isn’t great enough to say that Lebanon matches Jordan at this Juncture in their basketball lifetimes.


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