Introductory Psychology Section 01 Assignment 5: Mnemonics 740331 Mnemonic devices help us to memorize things that we want to remember for later use. Mnemonic devices use vivid imagery and organization to help us memorize material easier. These devices are very helpful; in studying for test, remembering phone numbers and names; or for memorizing grocery lists. There are many different mnemonic techniques one can use to memorize material. Each of them vary in; easiness of use, effectiveness and how powerful they are.

I am now going to describe and explain two different mnemonic techniques by applying them with information we have discussed in class. The Link Method Info on the first Scientific Research on Memory In the Link method the user associates items on a list to a little story they made up. There are two subdivisions of this technique the pure link method and the story method. Both tell a story but the story method is a little more detailed so I will use that one. In dealing with the first scientific research on memory I want to memorize the two names Hermann Ebbinghaus and Gustaf Fecner.

To memorize this I’ve made up a little story to help me remember these two names. A couple is looking at a house they are interested in buying an old Victoria house. They go inside it and Her man notices that there is spider wEbbing all over the inside of the house. This sentence helps me remember the name Herman Ebbinghaus. Next the couple went into the study and found a book lying on a table titled, “Get That Goose off My Dinner Table”. The book cover appeared to have a professional fencer on it for some reason.

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The couple then grabbed the book and left the old run down house. The second sentence helps me to remember the name Gustaf and the third points out Fecner. This little story also ties in the fact that Hermann Ebbinghaus found a book by Gustaf Fecner that helped him with his research. That is why the hints for Gustaf and Fecner appear in the book the couple in the story find. So in the end this technique not only helps me remember two names it also ties how those two names are connected with one another. Number Rhyme Mnemonic The five independent Variables

In the Number Rhyme technique the user uses numbers that are represented by things that rhyme with that number and associated with images that represent the thing the user wants to remember. I am going to use this technique in dealing with the Five Independent Variables we discussed in class. The words I am going to use are; 1 = fun, 2 = flew, 3 = flea, 4 = choir, and 5 = dive. The underlined words indicate each Independent Variable. 1. Fun can be Meaningful or Nonsense. 2. My memory flew away, or in other words decayed. 3.

The flea learned to fly over the dogs body so it wouldn’t get noticed, this one points out over learning. 4. One can either do their choirs spaced out in time or right before the time they have to be completed. This one helps me remember spaced vs. massed learning. 5. The amount of material on this live album is really good. In the end Mnemonic devices are a great and effective way to memorize and remember material. Mnemonic devices don’t always have to make the best of sense, just as long as it makes sense to them and they can remember the material easily from it.


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