Money Management One of the most important aspects to money management is creating a budget and sucking by It. A budget is an estimate of all the financial plans of expenses and revenues one will have in a certain time period. When starting a budget one has to first look at how much income they make and then have to look at the major bills and expenses they have to pay and what time period it needs to be paid. One has to set a budget with how much money they make and how much of that money will go toward bills and expenses.

After comparing one’s income and expenses, if the income is rower than the expenses one has to either cut back or find a way to make a little extra money. In college having a Job can be tough trying to juggle time with schoolwork and job hours, so finding another job may be hard but there are always options to choose from, If school’s tuition and fees are the mall Issue of trying to make a budget work, there are scholarships and financial aid students can apply for.

Another option is to take out student loans but those always creep back up on you when you graduate. College Is the first time a lot of kids are away from their parents and learning how to make ends meet on their own. The best way to make the transition is to live on campus, that way you are in the middle of the action. No worries of being late because of traffic or forgetting something Important and having to leave campus to hurry and go get before your next class starts.

Living on campus gives you the school environment all the time and puts you in the position to get all your schoolwork done In a more stable place. Not only is It good for study reasons but for activity reasons. There is always something going on campus that is free that students can get involved in and make college a better overall experience for them.

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