Monopoly Market Structure

Each house has a market portion in the market they operate in, how much of the market portion they own and how much of the market portion other houses ain determines what the market construction is. In this essay I will be depicting and sketching all of the features of a monopoly market construction, I will so besides look at a instance survey of monopoly, so come to a decision to see whether the monopoly market construction ‘s benefits out weigh its costs.

A monopoly exists where one house has control over all or most of the market portion for that peculiar market. This may go on for a figure of grounds. One of the grounds may happen can be due to authorities protectionism, this is where the authorities restricts any competition from come ining the market, hence making a monopoly. An illustration of this is British telecom in the yesteryear. Previously the publically owned BT was the lone phone operator in the state because the authorities did n’t let other rivals to come in the market ; hence BT was the lone house in that market doing it a monopoly. However the authorities so privatised BT, taking its protectionism and leting rivals to come in the market.

Another manner in which monopolies may be formed is by control over cardinal resources. For case, if a house additions control of a resource which no 1 else, so they will be a monopoly because merely they will sell that resource. A close illustration to this could be OPEC. OPEC is a trust of states who sell rough oil, which have joined together to put the overall monetary value of oil. Previously the oil market was an oligopoly as there were many states individually selling the resource, nevertheless when they joined together to organize OPEC, they became one monopoly in the oil market, as together so hold the largest market portion in oil.

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Another manner a house may go a monopoly in their market is if they have a first to market advantage, therefore they are the lone people in the market so by the clip some rivals enter the market, the monopoly house will hold a higher repute and will hence be able to utilize the advantages of holding a high client base ( such as high gross and net income borders ) to their advantage and perchance utilize tactics to coerce the competition out of the market, such as marauding pricing.

There are many advantages that being a monopoly has. One of the chief advantages is the fact that they have more control on their pricing scheme. This is because of the deficiency of competition they can hold a comparatively high monetary value for their merchandise because they are the lone 1s who sell that merchandise, giving them a higher gross revenues gross hence a larger net income border. However this is non ever the instance because of its place on the demand curve if the merchandise is monetary value elastic so addition in the monetary value could intend that clients will halt purchasing it.

Another advantage is that they may derive economic systems of graduated table because if they are the lone major house in the market so they will be commanding the supply of the merchandise, so they can therefore increase production and addition economic systems of production salvaging money, hence cut downing costs and once more increasing the net income border.

However there are some drawbacks to holding monopolies. One drawback is the fact that drawback is that, in markets were monopolies exist ; there is small inducement for invention to make new merchandises because of the deficiency of rivals they know that they will acquire clients whether or non they develop new merchandises or how small they improve their jobs. The houses will instead non pass tonss of money on research and development, but will instead somewhat better or modify their current merchandises to maintain clients purchasing them.

There are certain ordinances that the authorities have in topographic point to curtail monopolies from going excessively powerful. These ordinances are imposed so that the consumers still acquire a good trade. Monopolies with over 40 % market can acquire fined by the authorities to let rivals to hold a better opportunity of come ining the market. Besides the authorities can step in when a amalgamation or a return over will do a house to go excessively powerful or go a monopoly. An illustration of this was when the supermarket Safeway was up for sale, the authorities prevented Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury from taking over Safeway because if any of the three did so they would hold become excessively powerful, so alternatively Safeway was taken over by Morrisons. Another illustration of this is when the authorities disallowed BskyB to take over Manchester united football nine because it would hold been really uncompetitive

Another ground for the authorities limitations is because monopolies frequently use uncompetitive techniques to drive rivals out of the market. This is possible because of economic systems of graduated table and a big client base allows them to sell their merchandises at monetary value below the norm variable cost ( this is due to the part made antecedently by the gross revenues of their merchandises ) . This allows them to hold a much cheaper monetary value than any new rivals in the market, particularly when they are new in the market so are hence non profiting from economic systems of graduated table. So by authoritiess ticketing monopolies it slightly reduces the barriers of entry for would be rivals.

Another common pricing technique used by monopolizers is monetary value favoritism. This is where they can bear down different monetary values to different socio-economic groups or bear down different monetary values at different times for the same service. An illustration of this is train lines. When the authorities privatised the national rail, they sold different paths to different companies such as virgin trains, south-eastern and silverlink to advert but a few. Train companies were so enabled to utilize monetary value favoritism because they had technically become monopolies for their allocated paths. The kind of monetary value favoritism that would be used would be illustrations such as bear downing younger riders less than grownups or bear downing more during peak times like during the first-come-first-serve hr when the companies know that it would hold really low monetary value snap, because commuters have to go to work and are hence prepared to pay the higher monetary value.

A instance survey of a monopoly that exists today which I will speak about is the illustration of the Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft Corporation has been the taking provider of computing machine runing system for old ages. Since they were established in 1975 Microsoft have become a family because of their operating system which was the first to utilize a graphical user interface instead than the antecedently used bid based interface. This allowed the operating system to be used by ordinary people instead than merely adept users. By being the first house to utilize a graphical user interface, they finally became a monopoly in the operating system industry particularly as the new operating system allowed personal computing machines to go common in the family. By holding the first to market advantage, Microsoft gained an tremendous client base and shortly go a family name all over the universe. Soon the barriers of entry for any other runing systems manufacturers became really hard. This is because Microsoft had such a strong bridgehead on the market, other package manufacturers began doing package which merely runs on the Microsoft & A ; lsquo ; Windowss ‘ operating system, doing it hard to pull clients because of the deficiency of application package available for their ain operating system. Microsoft was so able to utilize the predatory monetary value scheme to drive all would be rivals out of the market. They were besides able to utilize monetary value favoritism by bear downing less to their corporate clients because they would by and large purchase more than normal clients.

Some people may besides see Microsoft as a premier illustration of small invention because of it being a monopolizer. This is because for many old ages they produced runing systems which all looked likewise ( Windowss ’95 through to 2000 all looked the same ) , so they released Windowss XP which has been released each twelvemonth with really few differences.

Although Microsoft has been a really moneymaking monopoly, they incurred a mulct for this due to authorities statute law and had to pay out an surplus of 1000000s of dollars.

Now other runing systems have become more available and are get downing to go more used because of authorities intercession.

By looking at the monopoly market construction I found that although being a monopoly has assorted benefits for the house which is a monopolizer, monopolies are non ever in the best involvements of the clients because a deficiency of competition causes the monopolies to bring forth good that are non really advanced and sell them at a monetary value which could still be lower. Having a more competitory market is more good to everyone. However in some industries ( such as the armed forces ) a monopoly must be, but in footings of merchandising merchandises a spot of competition can assist the consumers get the best merchandises for the best monetary value. So there the costs of being a monopoly out weigh the benefits.


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