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Interaction Paper: Management 521

Major Message: what is the major message of the chapter?

The beginning quote in the chapter says it best…that leadership is basically about humanity. Doing the right thing is usually not a hard or difficult thing to do. However, there are times where doing the right thing really and truly does require courage. There are times where doing the wrong thing is much easier than doing the right thing. Sometimes, the right thing to do may be obscured or hidden…a sort of “blind spot” if you will. A person learns over time what the right things to do are, where the blind spots exist and how to deal with them.

Key Words: give a few key words or terms (and their meaning) the author of the chapter may have used to support the as you understand it to be. Given the page number where found.

Moral courage — Page 267 — This would be leadership that is morally and ethically based.

Humanity — Page 267 — The concept and idea of being human and acting as such

Leadership — Page 267 — The idea of leading and crafting a business and the people in it. This is about doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons.

Ethical Blind Spots — Areas where ethics are compromised but a person involved may not be personally aware of it for whatever reason.

3. Key Sentences: given several key sentences phrases or quotes that support the major message. Again, for the purpose of class discussion given the page number

“Leadership is fundamentally about humanity” page 267

“They are largely unaware of their ethical blind spots” page 268

“Ethical judgement is cultivated is learned and cultivated over the course of a career” p. 268

4. Main Idea Reflection: what comments do you have the author main message of this chapter? Explain do you agree or disagree on any point in particular, for the class discussion. This should be answer in your own words.

There is indeed a strong connection between one’s career and one’s life when it comes to ethics and leadership. It is not a direct and firm connection at all times because there are differences…but the connection is there. Regardless of whether one is living in the business world, the personal world or a combination of the two, there has to be a recognition of what the right thing is, what the wrong thing is and why. Some of this is learned over time…


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