The reason why I designed this movie poster as my presentation of the horror genre study is that I think this poster has included a lot of information about the plot of the movie that will be explained later.

The idea of making this poster the way it looks is that after I studied at the movie poster of The Conjuring, and got an idea of making a man ‘dies’ inside the mirror, but still dwells in the real world in the movie poster (which is sort of like the ‘hanging shadow’ in The Conjuring ester), it has the most of the factors in a horror film The mystery mirror; the guy who doesn’t have a head in his ‘mirror body; a ghost that stands behinds him inside the mirror, a man(whose wearing the same cloth as the man inside) hanging himself outside the window.

These little factors could create different thinks and imaginations from the audience, and that’s also exactly what a movie poster needs to appeal the audience and make them watch it. I think that this tit the horror genre is because these reasons: 1: It has blood; dying people; and a scary, nauseating and mystery ghost in the film 2: The environment of this film creates a fearful, uncomfortable feeling to the audience. : It has some supernatural characters in the movie that makes it seems more scary and intense. At the end, I think that this movie poster suits the horror genre perfectly because of its stylish settings; mystery back ground; iconography, and also with a fine recoverability.

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