More than half of Indian population is engaged in agriculture and allied activities which in turn secures livelihood for its survival and well being. But it is our misfortune that still farmers are facing day today crisis with frequent droughts, no excess to recent agriculture technology, indigenous or old school farming techniques all of which have contributed to low farm profitability and causing widespread distress among the farming community even forcing them to end their lives. Since independence our agricultural policies have focused on raising agricultural production and ensuring food security by adopting better technology, high yielding varieties, fertilizers and agrochemicals. In return, this strategy showed results and we were able to address shortage of food and prevailing starvation in country. The green revolution successfully increased production by 3.7 times but did not recognized the need to raise farmers income and promoting their welfare. NSSO Consumption Expenditure data for year 2011-12 shows that more than one fifth of the rural households having agriculture as their principle occupation had income less than the very poverty line. An increasing difference between income of a farmer and a non farmer is causing havoc in form of farmer suicides, farmer turning to labour class, young farming generation giving up on agriculture which in turn leads to loss of soil resource. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the government changed the name of Ministry of Agriculture to Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Doubling farmers income by 2022 requires a growth rate of 10.41% in farmers income. This can be done by several possible sources one of which is diversification towards high value crops(HVC’s). Diversification towards high value crops is a great deal for improving the farmers income. Staple crops cover 77% of gross cropped area and contribute to 41% of total output of crop sector. Whereas same amount of output is obtained by HVC’s like fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and condiments and fibre covering only 19% of gross cropped area. Floriculture is one such avenue under high value crops. There is a great potential for increasing farmers income with cultivation of flowering plants. Total value of output of floriculture was 1397215 lakh INR for year 2010-11. Flowers are one of the most wonderful compositions of mother nature, which are a real delight to our eyes and provide serenity to our soul. They have been of immense use to humankind to express feelings of gratitude, love, thankfulness, valediction, friendship, care and auspiciousness. Floriculture has shown an increasing trend in area and production from past 10 years. Great scope exists for flower cultivation due to varied agroclimatic zones in India. There is a huge scope of Export of the flowers, Domestic market also have a never ending demand of flowers. Floriculture is also important as an beekeeping industry and can give glittering returns to the farmer even in off seasons too. Demands of floricultural products in ceremonies, occasions ensures its market for farmers. Nursery raising of annual flowers is also a high income business . Pot rentals in corporate world is also a new avenue in floriculture.Cut greens being component of decorations and flower background arrangement is also emerging sector of floriculture. Furthurmore, farmers if trained well can also produce hybrid seed of different flowers ,which will fetch high returns to them. Moreover the concept of protected cultivation  of flowers is also trending as farmers can grow export quality flowers in their off seasons fetching more than double price than normal season.Government should encourage farmers to adopt floriculture as it is highly remunerative business having less fluctuation in its markets. Subsidies should be increased in  establishment of polyhouses for protected cultivation. Frequent high end farmer trainings, teaching use of recent advancements in cultivation methods should be held. Visits to farms of leading farmers can be encouraged. This sector is now is in its infant stage in India and have an immense potential to grow to its maximum and to play a strategic role in doubling farmers income. 


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