Moreover, the growth rate of HIV infection decreased from 11.6% higher than the 2000 baseline in 2001 to 4.6% higher in 2013. The mother-to-child HIV transmission rate has been reduced by 85%. HIV treatment coverage has increased twenty-fold and reaches 66,000 people living with HIV. Opioid substitution treatment has been scaled up from 160 to more than 8,500 people who use drugs.(UNDP)Huge factor which affected Ukraine’s progress is socio economic crisis which led to war. It all started in late 2013 and led to serious consequences. Due to economic crisis Ukraine’s national currency lost its value. Most of the funding was spent on the war and due to high level of the corruption (According to The Corruption Perceptions Index, Ukraine score is 29 in 2017. The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries based on how corrupt they are on a scale of 0 – highly corrupt to 100 – very clean (Trading Economics)). Organisations which were fighting against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis were poorly funded. As a result organisations were not working as effectively and people were not getting treatment, this affected achievement of the goal. However, number of people newly registered with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis decreased due to Ukraine’s loss of big part of its country, Crimea, and a lot of people didn’t have access to hospitals to registrate in Donbas. In 2013 population of Crimea was 1.9 million. Donbas is the most affected area by HIV/AIDS. Donbas is divided into two regions Lugansk – 2.3 million people, Donetsk – 4.4 million people (wikipedia). As Ukraine did not get any data from these parts of the country, which are densely populated, percentage of HIV positive decreased and Ukraine became more close to achieving the target. But due to this reasons, this data is not valid.Overall, between 1999 and 2011 the number of newly registered HIV cases increased every year (UNDP). This statistic did not help Ukraine in meeting first target. Moreover, government did not use this information and didn’t take enough action to provide treatment or reduce spread of disease. Due to lack of funding and poor management Ukraine did not meet MDG 6.


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