Moreover, Iris Marion Young’s substantive
representation approach to political under-representation of women matters
because “social groups are structured around differences” (Celi, 2008).
Therefore, we ought to understand that the “representation of women is not
about interests and wants but about social perspectives, how individuals take
things and events from within their structural social perspective” (Celi, 2008). For instance, Iris
Marion Young suggest that “identity-based
representation involves both the presences of women in legislatures
(descriptive representation) as well as the involvement of women’s viewpoints,
values and range in the representation process (substantive representation)” (Linda Trimble, 2013). So perhaps “if
there are more women in politics, they will be in a better position to move the
process of public decision making in a direction that is favorable to women” (Linda Trimble, 2013). Hence, under-representation
is vital because women should not be represented mainly on interests and
opinions but instead on their social perspective stemming from their
“structural position in society” (Celi, 2008).Likewise, Melissa
Williams created a similar argument, that “the social position of women” (Celi, 2008) confirms significant
parallels because of “the cultural and structural difficulties causing the
sidelining of women” (Celi, 2008). Therefore, representing
women is ensuring “women’s viewpoint or women’s ‘voices’ are present in
political decision-making” (Celi, 2008). The voice of women
in politics can only occur if a “policy for the marginalized groups is created
(a universal but at the same time definite equality policy)” (Celi, 2008). Also, if a change
happens in the views of the overriding groups. Thus, both Williams and Young’s
methods of substantive representation, is
deconstructing discrimination; this is a fundamental concern for both. However,
critics argue it’s hard to determine what ‘substantive representation of women involves,
that is it the representing “women’s interest or feminist demands” (Celi, 2008). Likewise, improving
the political under-representation of women is slightly blurred, what must one
do to avoid underrepresentation.


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