It has taken me almost nineteen years to realize this but my mother, Allison, Is the most influential person in my life. She has always been a hard worker. My mom is a very compassionate person and she has taught me that helping others is a major part of life. She is the type of person that knows the time to play and Joke around and when to be focused and professional. Though my mom was married to my father, she raised me by herself most of the time. Doing this made our relationship stronger.

My mother is a very inspiring person. All throughout my childhood my mom worked as a CAN. She worked at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She loved working there because she got the chance to help people and make a difference in their lives My mother worked very hard and I got to experience this first hand when she took me to work with her. I often went to the nursing home with her when I was younger. Doing so showed me what kind of person my mother is. I may not have known it at the time but she is a very compassionate person.

She never let any of her patients see her upset or mad. If something happened to upset her she kept herself composed until she was alone or at home. She is very professional. Going to work with her as I got older made me realize It was not about how she felt at work, It was about her making the patients comfortable and safe. My mother is an inspiration to all in my opinion. I learned many things from my mother but one Important thing that she taught me was when and where to be professional and when it is appropriate to play around.

There were times that her coworkers would come over and play cards at our souse. I would see a different side of every single person that was there. When at work they were professional and did not play around, but once they got home or with friends they loosened up. I myself have noticed that I do the exact same thing. When In class I do not Joke and talk with my friends like most teenagers. I pay attention to my instructor and do my work. There are times to play around and times to be professional. School, work. Hurt and other places like these are all places where you should be professional. My mother has done her best to teach me appropriate behavior. Being a single mother Is something that can make you or break you. My mom was not a single mother technically. Her and my father were still married and together but he was not home most of the time. He was a truck driver and stayed on the road weeks and sometimes more than a month at a time. He was not in the picture a lot. My mom raised me by herself most of the time. She has always made sure I have what I need.

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There have been times when she would buy me something when we ally could not afford it. Some say she spoiled me but In all reality she did not. We had enough money to get by but never really had a lot extra. I learned to love the simple things. My mom is my inspiration. There have been times when I have not gotten along with my mother but that Is most teenagers. We have had our arguments but I would not trade her for the world. Half the woman she is. She has been through some stuff that would crush some women and yet she still smiles. I love my mom and will always look up to her.


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