The narrative is approximately Ashleigh ( or Ashes as her pa calls her ) Ashleighs pa and her ma. Ashes parents is really different from each other.
Her pa is a really simple adult male who is unemployed. hapless. and a immense dreamer. He makes false promises and attempts to do people around him happy with false statements. Her ma on the other manus is the consecutive antonym to the pa. She is directly as a yardstick. and surely non a dreamer. I would name her a realist. She ne’er promises Ashes anything that she knows that she can’t support. She used to be a dreamer. but so she married Ashes pa and she stopped woolgathering and believing. The short narrative describes Ashes and her pas relationship toward each other in a particular and beautiful manner. but to the terminal I started to understand that the relationship wasn’t that beautiful. It was sort of sham from the pas side. and his purpose made me experience like he was utilizing his girl for his ain selfish intent. I’m non oppugning if he love her or non. but doing his small girl do something every bit stupid as that made me sort of inquiry how some adults/parents think when they do that. His kindness was similar to brainwashing and he perfectly takes advantage of her regard trust and love that she has for him.

I can associate to Ashes pa. My pa is similar to Ashes pa. Not when it comes to the utmost dreamer portion or that he is a dissembler and hapless. but when it comes to maintaining his word or when he hands me empty promises. He has been like that since I was little. It could be all from to purchase me something or take me someplace. It could be promises about traveling someplace and he talks about it and set my hopes up. but the following twenty-four hours he forgot about it or he said he would make it. It ne’er happened. My ma is like Ashes ma. She ne’er lets me down. and she ne’er of all time hands me promises that she can’t maintain and ever maintain her word. The lone difference is that they’re still married since 36 old ages back. But one conjecture antonyms attract.

I can’t truly associate this narrative to any other text or book I’ve read before. I had been believing about it for awhile but I merely can’t figure it out. But there is likely a batch of books out at that place about dysfunctional households

One thing I was inquiring about when I read the narrative the first clip was if she took the money or non. But after calculating out the reply to my ain inquiry I sort of admiration how she was experiencing when she did it. She must love her male parent really in a heartfelt way but I am sort of oppugning her idea about her state of affairs with her female parent. I mean. she was believing to herself before she took the money. that her female parent was still working on acquiring her grade. which means that they didn’t have adequate money to merely give away 200 dollars like that. I mean. how was she believing. do the twenty-four hours when they are in a crisis. those 200 dollars won’t assist them at all. Cause they are non at that place to assist them out. I find it sort of good story that Ashes has been woolgathering about what she would make if she had 200 dollars. and she merely gives her reverie off to her male parent. who had the same dream but in a non as guiltless manner.

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My inquiry about the writer is. how was she believing when she wrote her narrative about Ashes. is it possibly a autobiography of her ain life narrative?

I’m sort of certain that she took the money. Because reading the narrative a twosome of times made me link it to that she really did take the money from her female parents teapot to give to her male parent. Why. is doing the beginning of the narrative where it says ; “Once it had snowed the dark before. and acquiring to his flat took longer than normal. as the coachs inched their ways past snow banks and awkwardly parked autos. But the Sun made everything glitter. and the snow still had a pure expression to it. which I knew would be gone by the undermentioned forenoon. You sort of get the hint when she says that something will be gone the following forenoon. which i feel that both the money and the trust to her ma will be vanished. First of all. I don’t believe her pa will maintain the promise about returning the money. since he ever gives her empty promises. And 2nd of all. when her ma notices that the money is gone. everything will be changed between them.

The manner her meetings with her pa used to be described really colorfilled. but the clip when her male parent was driving her to travel and acquire the money it wasn’t described as colorfilled any longer. “You’re your mother’s girl. he said. Good caput on your shoulders. Problem is. I’d ne’er be able to happen another auto cheap to replace it. No. Ashes. the teapot’s the manner to travel. We drove back to Mom’s in silence. Usially we talked. Sometimes Dad sang one of his vocals to me. For a minute. a cloud drifted past the Moon and the sky turned light-green gray” . I find it really dejecting. you could feel that It wasn’t a ordinary twenty-four hours for either of them. She was approximately to make something she wouldn’t do for anyone. except her male parent. and for the male parent his alleviation was close to fade out and his egoistic and avaricious side in him. blossomed right in that last “normal” auto drive.


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