The mother is the one supreme asset of national life; she is more important by far than the successful statesman, or business man, or artist, or scientist. Motherhood is a rewarding and often difficult Job. A mother is a child’s first teacher and affects a child’s life like few others can. Effective mothers can inspire their sons and daughters to love themselves and others, work hard, make healthy choices, serve causes greater than self, and achieve their dreams.

Mothers who protect, teach, and nurture their children with all their hearts strengthen their families and help build a better future or the planet. Definition A mother is a person who gives birth. That is the biological mother but there is also the stepmother who is the wife of the father after the death or divorce of the first one. In general, biological mothers are good but there are some exceptions. And some people say that all of the stepmothers are bad, but it’s wrong, there are some good ones. Roles of a mother There is a difference between a stay-at-home mother and a working mother.

A working mother works harder than a stay-at-home mother because a working mother already works in her office but still has to do the chores unless she has a maid. In neural, mothers do the chores, for example: cooking, clothes washing, etc They are nurses for their family because they take care of them. They are also friends and advisors because they can understand their children. Mothers work hard. Qualities of a good mother A mother will always be there for her children, even when they are grown. A mother thinks about her children long after they have В« flown the nest В».

A mother supports her children’s dream even when they seem impossible. A mother loves her children in a way they will never understand until they have their own. A mother will defend her children against the world. A mother will take a bullet, catch a hand grenade, step in front of train and ask God to take her instead of her children. A mother will fix scraped knees, kiss away tears and try to mend broken hearts. A mother will love her children even when they neglect them. Qualities oaf bad mother Not all mothers are good. There are bad mothers who detest their children, ill-treat them and even kill them.

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It may be caused by unwanted pregnancy, hardness of life or some other reasons. Let’s see a tee examples. Suzann Simpson, a Soot n Carolina mother, she killed her two children while they slept in their bedrooms. She said that it was a murder-suicide plot that went awry. There is also Nina Sistine, a Phoenix mother who killed her six-day-old girl because she had too many kids already. Susan Dianne Banks killed her four children. Kenosha Berry killed her little baby. Some mothers are really bad. Suzann Simpson shot and killed her two young children, Sawyer, 5, and Carry, 7.

Authorities in Pickles County, S. C. , don’t know what drove Suzann Simpson to murder her children, Sawyer 5, and Carry, 7, and try to kill her husband. She later told a nurse that she wanted to kill herself but ‘couldn’t do it. Carry and Sawyer Nina Sistine killed her 6-day-old girl called Maya. Maya, her ninth child Susan Dianne Banks shot and killed her four children Kenosha Berry killed her baby and five years after she tried to kill another Comparison of a father and a mother Father is generally considered as the head of the family.

He has to take care of the basic needs of the household. Mother on the other hand takes care of the in-house functions of the home. Though both mother and father play crucial roles in a child’s development, the mother is more associated with softer side of a child’s development eke love, affection, sharing of inner feelings, observe their mood and identify their problem. And mother’s love is boundless and imperative in the development of a child, more so in the moral and psychological development of a child’s mind.

Whereas a father is more associated with the harder side of the child’s development, he guide them to be stronger person in mind. A father provides physical protection of a child while a child finds more secure with mother. What should the children do for their mothers ? Children should help their mothers doing the chores. They should study well so that their mothers would be happy. They should listen to their mothers. They should respect their mothers but most importantly, they should always show to their mothers that they love them. All the mothers need is the best for their children.

Message *Message for the children: If you still have a mother, love her, respect her, make her happy. Your mother has done many things for you. Your mother is the person who loves you more than anyone else. Help her, let her know that she is not alone, let her know that you feel her love. Someday, she will go away so don’t be too late. *Message tort the husbands: You have to respect your wife. Don’t make her suffer. Don’t leave her. She needs you, your love, your help. If you have a mother, you should understand how it feels to see you mother in pain. Message for the mothers: Take good care of your children . If you feel that you are a bad mother, that is to say you ill-treat your children, you never try to understand them; please try to talk to them so that they can trust you, make them proud of you, make them happy. Summary In general, a mother loves her children a lot no matter what kind of mistakes they make. A mother works hard because she has to do many things for her family. A good other will always be there for her children but a bad one will ill-treat the last.

A mother is more associated with the softer side of the children and a father with the harder side. Children should show that they love their mother. Husbands should respect their wives. And mothers should try to be always there for supporting her family. Conclusion We have seen the definition of mother, her roles, qualities of a good and a bad mother, comparison of a mother and a father, what should the children do for their mothers and finally the messages. The one thing we should have noticed is that the mother’s love is incomprehensible.


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