Society frequently influences the individuality of an single through different factors. one of which is linguistic communication. “The power of linguistic communication can arouse an emotion. a ocular image. a complex thought. or a simple truth” ( FYR: 84 ) . Language is used daily in our lives. and hence plays a important function in determining our individuality. The narrative “Mother Tongue” depicts the fluctuations of the English linguistic communication. and the nature of talk. Amy Tan besides portions the narrative of her mother’s “broken” English and how this limited her perceptual experience of hers mother’s communicating with others. Language can be developed both through environment. and one’s personal experiences.

The power of linguistic communication is indispensable in the manner we express and communicate with one another. We all grow up surrounded by different signifiers of English speech production. which is due to the ambiance we are raised in. As denoted in the narrative Amy Tan says “But I do believe that the linguistic communication spoken in household. particularly in immigrant households which is more insular. plays a big function in determining the linguistic communication of the child” . ( FYR: 87 ) Coming from an immigrant household myself I can agree with the sentiment of Amy Tan. My female parent like that of Amy Tan speaks “broken” English and I excessively am so accustomed to it. I have no problem understanding her.

However. all do non understand my mother’s linguistic communication since it’s non the “proper” fluid English many people are familiar with. My female parent is at disadvantage to obtain equal chances and services due to the linguistic communication barrier society impose. My relationship with my female parent at place possibly adds to the trouble she has when talking English. Alternatively of assisting my female parent better her English I become impatient and state her “ ma bury it. you’re non articulating it right” and get down talking to her in Spanish. Keeping back from talking English with my female parent will non assist her advancement from her “broken” English and it is selfish of me to make so.

I want my female parent to be able to come on so she can be able to support herself from all the premises that surround being a in-between category Hispanic adult female. My female parent has come a long manner interrupting down several barriers and I am certain linguistic communication will be no exclusion. Possibly. my female parents English will non be faultless. but I admire her everything else she has excelled in. Therefore. I am non ashamed of my female parent English because she embraces it in a manner that is suited and convenient to her. It is really hard to talk merely one signifier of English when your audience varies from clip to clip.

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We have different ways when nearing household. friends. and professors. which depicts our committedness to diverseness. If we all spoke the same manner toward everyone it would take away from our individuality. As Amy Tan portion “I go on to be rebellious in nature and bask the challenge of confuting premises made about me” ( FYR: 88 ) . Her motive allows us believe that interrupting off from the norms soc to visualize ourselves interrupting off from the norms society This was a really motivative quotation mark for me because it allows me see that interrupting from the norms society has for you is accomplishable.

Our individuality is shaped around qualities that make us experience accepted in society. Language is a day-to-day tool used otherwise amongst one another in order to pass on. Our nature of talk characters the manner we see. express. and do sense of the universe. Language should non be an obstruction between one another’s communicating ; alternatively it should be an chance to larn about the diverse linguas in this universe. Although all linguas are distinguishable from one another. it finally helps us encompass our true individualities or as Amy Tans will mention to it our “mother tongue” .


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