Engagement in planetary action hebdomad for instruction ( gaw ) 2005 Won certification in planetary art competition 2003
Won 1st award in school Muslim penmanship competition 2009
Won certification in school art and play academy 2009
Won 1st award in English and urdu elocution 2010
Engagement in morning spelling bee competition 2007
Voluntary services for organisation like suit. Tcf. hrep. institude of regional surveies. financess for inundation alleviation cantonments. rotaract temblor victims camps. tsunami alleviation fundraiser

Seeking a disputing occupation that utilize and farther sharpen my accomplishments. and where I can show my ideas and thoughts for the growing of experience.

Writing narratives. humanistic disciplines and creativeness ( chalk outing and origami ) . reading novels. athleticss as a relaxing and gratifying experience

Representation in tcf
Delivered address in hrep
Engagement in planetary reading competition in morning group of newspapers

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Time direction
Effective squad worker
Self- consciousness and good communicating accomplishments
Interpersonal accomplishments
Mcb nomadic commercialism conference engagement

Personal. Intellectual. Social and Moral Development ( PrISM ) PrISM focuses on the Personal ( Pr ) . Intellectual ( I ) . Social ( S ) and Moral ( M ) development of pupils. It besides develops students’ capablenesss in reflecting critically on moral and societal issues related to their lives. It farther enhances the accomplishments for determination devising. develops assurance. teaches how to take charge of their ain lives and works efficaciously as a proactive member of the society. All National Curriculum subjects provide chances to advance pupils’ religious. moral. societal and cultural development. Explicit opportunities to advance pupils’ development in these countries are provided in spiritual instruction and the non-statutory model for personal. societal and wellness instruction ( PSHE ) and citizenship at cardinal phases 1 and 2. A important part is besides made by school ethos. effectual relationships throughout the school. corporate worship. and other course of study activities. Pupils’ religious development involves the growing of their sense of ego. their alone potency. their apprehension of their strengths and failings. and their will to accomplish. As their wonder about themselves and their topographic point in the universe increases. they try to reply for themselves some of life’s cardinal inquiries. They develop the cognition. accomplishments. apprehension. qualities and attitudes they need to further their ain inner lives and non-material well-being.

Pupils’ moral development involves students geting an apprehension of the difference between right and incorrect and of moral struggle. a concern for others and the will to make what is right. They are able and willing to reflect on the effects of their actions and larn how to forgive themselves and others. They develop the cognition. accomplishments and understanding. qualities and attitudes they need in order to do responsible moral determinations and act on them. Pupils’ societal development involves students geting an apprehension of the duties and rights of being members of households and communities ( local. national and planetary ) . and an ability to associate to others and to work with others for the common good. They display a sense of belonging and an increasing willingness to take part. They develop the cognition. accomplishments. apprehension. qualities and attitudes they need to do an active part to the democratic procedure in each of their communities. Pupils’ cultural development involves students geting an apprehension of cultural traditions and an ability to appreciate and react to a assortment of aesthetic experiences. They get a regard for their ain civilization and that of others. an involvement in others’ ways of making things and wonder about differences. They develop the cognition. accomplishments. apprehension. qualities and attitudes they need to understand. appreciate and contribute to civilization.

A codification of behavior is a set of regulations sketching the duties of or proper patterns for an person. party or organisation. a set of conventional rules and outlooks that are considered adhering on any individual who is a member of a peculiar group.

1. Always be your best and make your best.
2. Be concerted.
3. Respect others and the belongings of others.
4. Always remain on undertaking.
1. Be on clip. be on undertaking. be prepared.
2. Show regard for yourself. other pupils and belongings. 3. Act suitably at all times.
1. Follow waies and instructions.
2. Always pay attending.
3. Work softly.
4. Always do your best.

1. Students are required and expected to carry on themselves as mature. considerate grownups * Students should be in category. in their seats. and ready to get down taking notes at the scheduled category clip * Class will widen the full scheduled period. Please make non get down packing to go forth before category is over as this is deflecting to others who are seeking to hear the last of the presented stuff * Students should non prosecute in behaviour that detracts from the larning experience. Behavior such as speaking in category while the teacher is talking. showily non paying attending. kiping. reading a newspaper or other unrelated stuffs. traveling about the schoolroom. or prosecuting in other riotous behaviour will non be tolerated. Students who are being riotous may be asked to go forth the category. * Cell phones. beepers. timers. etc. should be turned off before category starts. * Students should non go forth the schoolroom early. If under particular fortunes. a pupil must go forth early. the pupil should inform the teacher at the start of category.

In add-on. in these fortunes. the pupil should sit following to an issue and avoid walking in forepart of the teacher and/or pupils. * Because the schoolroom should be a topographic point for the free treatment of thoughts. pupils should carry on and show themselves in a manner that is respectful of all individuals. * Students should handle all members of the larning community with regard. Toward this terminal. pupils will advance academic discourse and free exchange of thoughts by listening with civil attending to remarks made by others 2. Students are required and expected to endeavor for academic success. if non academic excellence * Students should demo a echt involvement in larning the class stuff * Students should develop a positive attitude towards the class and class stuff * Students should develop self-discipline and duty for his/her ain academic advancement. Towards this terminal: * Students should go to on a regular basis. arrive to category on clip. remain through the full period. and convey all necessary stuffs ( books. paper. write. heads. … ) to category * Students should analyze for trials and tests

* Students should take part in category
* Students should inquire for aid when they need it
* Students who miss a talk should obtain a transcript of the talk notes from a fellow schoolmate * Students should do an attempt to take all trials at the scheduled clip and to turn in all prep assignments in category at the clip it is due. Unless an equal alibi is provided. classs will be marked down well for late work * Students are required and expected to act in an academically honorable mode * Students are expected to cognize what constitutes academic dishonesty ( when in uncertainty. inquire the teacher ) . Ignorance is non an alibi. comes to school prepared. on clip and ready to larn ;
• shows respect for themselves. for others and for those in authorization ;
• choruss from conveying anything to school that may compromise the safety of others ;
• follows the established regulations and takes duty for his or her ain action

The smooth operation of the college depends upon observation of subject by the pupils. The college can assist the pupils better when Rules of Discipline are observed decently. Misdemeanor of these regulations deprives the pupils of the advantages of different installations provided by the college. The followers are some of the of import regulations of subject. Parents/Guardians are requested to direct their wards to detect the undermentioned Rules of Discipline: 1. Students must go to talks. practicals. tutorials. scrutinies etc. without written permission of the principal. A pupil whose attending and/or advancement in the assorted trials and scrutinies is non satisfactory and who does non execute the needed figure of tutorials and/or practicals are likely to lose their footings. Students who do non subject compulsory undertaking work in topic is likely to lose his/her term. Prolonged absence even on land of sick wellness may besides take to loss of footings. Defaulters will non be sent up for University Examinations. 2. Employed pupils will non be given any grant in affairs of attending or regulations sing visual aspect at College Examinations.

Suitable disciplinary action will be taken against such pupils. Employed pupils must give inside informations of their employment on the admittance signifier. They are expected to take admittance after confer withing the Principal in this respect. 3. The individuality card is meant for placing bonafied pupils and is used for allowing the pupils to take part in assorted activities and plans of the college. Every pupil must have on Identity card every bit long as he/she is in the college campus. It must be produced by the pupil whenever demanded by the member of the instruction or non-teaching staff of the college. Every pupil must convey his/her Identity card to the college every twenty-four hours. He/She must take proper attention of it to avoid its abuse by other pupils and He/She must take proper attention of it to avoid its abuse by other pupils and foreigners. In instance the Identity card is lost. the affair should be instantly reported to the Principal and an application should be made for a extra Identity card which will be issued on payment of charges. 4. The behavior of the pupils in the categories and in the premises of the college shall be such as will do no perturbation to instructors. fellow pupils or other categories.

5. Every pupil shall have on a clean and nice frock while coming to the college. 6. No Society or Association shall be formed in the College and no individual should be invited in the college campus without the specific permission of the Principal has a right to decline such permission. 7. No pupil is allowed to expose any Notice/Circular/Poster/Banner in the College premises without the anterior permission of the Principal. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters. 8. No pupil will be allowed to carry on any political activity in the college premises. 9. Foreigners are non permitted in the college premises without the anterior permission of the Principal. College pupils are non allowed to convey their relatives/friends to the college premises without the permission of the principal. Rigorous action will be taken against the concerned foreigner every bit good as the college pupil who is instrumental in conveying foreigners to the college premises. 10. All meetings. cultural plans. arguments. elocutions etc. organized on the college premises must be held in presence of learning staff members and with the anterior permission of the Principal. The topics of debates/elocutions must hold the anterior blessing of the principal.

11. Students must take proper attention of the college belongings. Rigorous action will be taken against pupils damaging College belongings and will be required to counterbalance the harm. 12. Students involved in malpractices at the College/Board/University Examinations will non be admitted to the college. 13. Smoke is purely prohibited in the college premises. 14. If. for any ground. the continuation of a pupil in the College is found damaging to the best involvement of the college. the Principal may inquire the pupil to go forth the college without delegating any grounds and the determination will be concluding and adhering on the pupil. 15. Playing music on Transistors. Tape-Recorders. Car Stereos. Mobile Telephones or any other similar appliances with or without earpieces is purely prohibited in the college premises. Defaulters will be punished and their instrument confiscated.

16. Use of Mobile Telephones is purely prohibited in the academic country of the college which includes Science edifice. talk halls. research labs. library. Students may utilize them in canteen. Ladies Common Room. Hostel and from Car parking country upto Ruby factory Entrance gate. Defaulters will be penalized and their instrument confiscated. 17. Students must non lounge on the college premises while the categories are at work. Boys found lounging near Girls’ Common Room are apt for penalty. 18. Students must non go to classes other than their ain without the permission of the authorization concerned. 19. Students shall make nil inside or outside the college that will interface with the subject of the college or stain the image of the college. 20. Students are non allowed to pass on any information about college affairs to Press. 21. Matters non covered above will be decided at the discretion of the Principal. Skills

the ability to make something good. normally as a consequence of experience and preparation. An ability and capacity acquired through deliberate. systematic. and sustained attempt to swimmingly and adaptively carryout complex activities or occupation maps affecting thoughts ( cognitive accomplishments ) . things ( proficient accomplishments ) . and/or people ( interpersonal accomplishments ) . Technical accomplishment

A accomplishment that is required for the achievement of a specific undertaking. The cognition and abilities needed to carry through mathematical. technology. scientific or computer-related responsibilities. every bit good as other specific undertakings

Technical Skills are the basic cognition required to execute a undertaking. Technical accomplishments can include educational makings and grades that an employee clasp. Technical accomplishments is fundamentally the cognition required to execute a undertaking ; proficient accomplishments is related to working with tools. For maintain a machine operator must hold the cognition how to run the machine like computing machine operator and any other machine. Financial and histories director usage concern appraisal tools to mensurate the computation and fix fiscal statement like balance sheet and income statement etc. These are the specialised cognition and accomplishments needed for executing certain responsibilities. A few illustrations of proficient accomplishments are word processing. driving forklift. flower agreement. clerking. nursing and horticulture. All these are broader accomplishments and each of them includes a figure of specific accomplishments that a individual must possess for finishing those proficient undertakings. Examples of difficult accomplishments include occupation accomplishments like typing. composing. math. reading and the ability to utilize package plans ; soft accomplishments are personality-driven accomplishments like etiquette. acquiring along with others. hearing and prosecuting in little talk. Life accomplishments

Life accomplishments are a set of human accomplishments acquired via instruction or direct experience that are used to manage jobs and inquiries normally encountered in day-to-day human life. . Soft accomplishments is a sociological term associating to a person’s “EQ” ( Emotional Intelligence Quotient ) . the bunch of personality traits. societal graces. communicating. linguistic communication. personal wonts. friendliness. and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. … . 1. Examples of Soft Skills – Personal Qualities

* Personal Qualities
* Duty
* Self-esteem
* Sociability
* Self-management
* Integrity/honesty
2. Example of Soft Skills – Interpersonal Skills
* Participates as a member of the Team
* Teaches others
* Serves Client / Customers
* Exercises Leadership
* Negotiates
* Works with cultural diverseness

3. Good Soft Skills
* Which are in fact scarce – in the extremely competitory corporate universe will assist you to “ stand out ” in a crowd of everyday occupation searchers and mediocre accomplishments and endowment. Class Discussion Question: What makes you stand out in the crowd? 4. The Most Common Traits from an Employer:

* Positive work moral principle
* Good Attitude
* Desire to larn and be trained


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