In the first subdivision of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. there are many motives threaded throughout each of the four narratives. One of which is the colour ruddy. The colour ruddy is really symbolic towards early Chinese civilization and tradition.

In the chapter. The Red Candle. the writer explains everything in item. She explains about the ruddy columns in forepart of the house for ornament. the ruddy firedrakes. the ruddy nuptials frock with the ruddy nuptials head covering. the ruddy streamers. the ruddy palankeen. and eventually the ruddy taper. I found this as a motive because it appeared in about every subdivision of the 3rd chapter. Ying-Ying besides explains that her female parent gave her a necklace made out of ruddy jade. Red was a traditional colour in Chinese civilization. perchance a powerful colour. as purple was to Europe.

Another motive is the five elements. These five elements. wood. fire. H2O. Earth. and metal. seem really of import to Chinese civilization. They appear more so one time throughout the first four chapters. each clip covering otherwise with the narratives. The narratives indicate that the Chinese thought the elements had power. The Five Evils could besides associate to the five elements because there is one for every component. A swimming serpent could associate to H2O. a leaping Scorpio to fire. a winging centipede to weave. a dropping-down spider to wood. and a jumping lizard to metal.

Subject seeds have besides began to jump up throughout the book. When Ying-Ying Tells the narrative of the Moon Lady. she says. “So I thought as Amah merely as person for my comfort. the manner you might believe of a fan in the summer or a warmer in the winter. a approval you appreciate and love merely when it is no longer at that place. ” This brings about the subject of selfishness and taking things for granted. She is stating that you don’t recognize how much you want and need something until it’s non around any longer.

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Another subject seed is promises. In The Red Candle chapter. Lindo Jong says that girls break their promises. In China. one stayed true to their promises. She promises to her household that she will non dishonor them. She promises to get married her husband-to-be and promises to be a good devoted married woman. But most of all. before she gets married. she promises to retrieve her true ego and happen a manner out of the matrimony someday. which she does. This subject is certain to come up in the book subsequently on.


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