Life s experiences have the tendency to shape and mold us, influencing us to change our perspective. Certain events in life have prepared me to cope with such experiences and all the thoughts and feelings associated with them. Through this agonizing realization, I have gained personal wisdom, understanding, and ultimately been enlightened. To me, enlightenment is a process that releases us from this state of innocence. Many of us are greatly affected by various events, which essentially move us away from adolescence.

This may be the first day of elementary school, a first date, or the death of a loved one. All of these points in somebody s life may change one s point of view and perspective of the world and of others. However, to me it was the tragic loss of my uncle that illustrates this point. He has perpetually supported me whenever I needed it. For example, after falling off my bike, which led to a broken arm, he continually was there to comfort me following the accident. Prior to him passing away, I had taken life for granted, and believing that no tragedy could ever occur in my life but I was wrong.

It was as if my drowning tears held me captive as I had been informed that his life had slipped away into a dark sea. The anchor, which held his boat steady had botched, his heart failed in his deep sleep. I had lost the ship that I held closely to my heart. I could feel my heart fall into pieces as I watched it sink into the serene sea. For me to lose innocence was an excruciating moment. I faced the cold harsh winds of reality that told me he had died. Instead, I let myself believe that he was gone on vacation and later he would return. I waited desperately for his letters, but they never arrived.

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My mind could not handle the thought of not ever seeing him again. The loss of my beloved uncle is one the many challenges I have to face today. I realize now how easy it is to lose someone I care about. Also, I now know that life is more difficult than it seems. Challenges are always there no matter what the circumstances are. I can deal with previous events that will determine whether I can accept these specific challenges. I decided to overcome this part of my life by dealing with it directly. Although it has been only five months, I will never forget what he meant to me and perpetually miss him.

My experience with this tragedy has taught me several valuable lessons about life. Firstly, to spend time with those you love and care for the most. Secondly, remember that family is a precious part of life that is impossible to replace. Another lesson is to live life to its fullest. By doing so, we can enjoy every moment life presents us. Life s challenges only enhance my existence and provide me with an opportunity for growth. Every moment is just one puzzle piece that creates the picture to life s adventure. Whatever my goals are in life, I have to cherish every moment of life because time waits for no one.

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