The Limits of Human Justice- Edmond Dantes takes justness into his ain custodies because he is dismayed by the restrictions of society’s condemnable justness system. Social justness has allowed his enemies to steal through the clefts. traveling unpunished for the flagitious offenses they have committed against him. Furthermore. even if his enemies’ offenses were uncovered. Dante alighieris does non believe that their penalty would be true justness. Though his enemies have caused him old ages of emotional torment. the most that they themselves would be forced to endure would be a few seconds of hurting. followed by decease.

Relative versus Absolute Happiness- A great trade separates the sympathetic from the unsympathetic characters. The trait that is most systematically found among the sympathetic characters and missing among the unsympathetic is the ability to measure one’s fortunes in such a manner as to experience satisfaction and felicity with one’s life. Dantes claims that “There is neither happiness nor wretchedness in the universe ; there is merely the comparing of one province with another. nil more.

In simpler footings. what separates the good from the bad in The Count of Monte Cristo is that the good appreciate the good things they have. nevertheless little. while the bad focal point on what they lack. Love versus Alienation- Dantes declares himself an expatriate from humanity during the old ages in which he carries out his luxuriant strategy of retaliation. He feels cut off non merely from all states. societies. and persons but besides from normal human emotions. Dantes is unable to see joy. sorrow. or exhilaration ; in fact. the lone emotions he is capable of experiencing are vindictive hatred and occasional gratitude.

It is plausible that Dantes’s extreme societal isolation and narrow scope of feeling are merely the consequence of his compulsion with his function as the agent of Providence. It is non hard to conceive of that a decade-long devotedness to a undertaking like Dantes’s might take a dramatic toll on one’s psychological science.

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Edmond Dantes – The supporter of the novel. Dantes is an intelligent. honest. and loving adult male who turns bitter and vengeful after he is framed for a offense he does non perpetrate. When Dantes finds himself free and tremendously affluent. he takes it upon himself to move as the agent of Providence. honoring those who have helped him in his predicament and penalizing those responsible for his old ages of torment The Count of Monte Cristo – The individuality Dantes assumes when he emerges from prison and inherits his huge luck. As a consequence. the Count of Monte Cristo is normally associated with a coldness and resentment that comes from an being based entirely on retribution. Lord Wilmore – The individuality of an bizarre English Lord that Dantes assumes when perpetrating Acts of the Apostless of random generousness.

Lord Wilmore contrasts aggressively with Monte Cristo. who is associated with Dantes’s Acts of the Apostless of resentment and inhuman treatment. Appropriately. Monte Cristo cites Lord Wilmore as one of his enemies. Abbe Busoni – Another of Dantes’s false character. The camouflage of Abbe Busoni. an Italian priest. helps Dantes gain the trust of the people whom the count wants to pull strings because the name connotes spiritual authorization. Sinbad the Sailor – The name Dantes utilizations as the signature for his anon. gift to Morrel. Sinbad the Sailor is besides the character Dantes adopts during his clip in Italy

The narrative begins in 1815 and ends in 1844. Though most of the action takes topographic point in Paris. cardinal scenes are besides set in Marseilles. Rome. Monte Cristo. Greece. and Constantinople. Edmond Dantes has been betrayed by a neighbour. a coworker. a friend. a bride-to-be and an officer of the jurisprudence. and following a drawn-out imprisonment in awful conditions. he escapes and uses the cognition and wealth that has been given to him by a fellow captive to demand his retaliation on all of these people.

He stops short of his bride-to-be when he finds that she still loves him and that her matrimony to another was merely because she thought he was dead. Edmond and his friend. Fernand Mondego. officers of a Gallic trading ship. caput to Elba seeking medical attending for their captain. Dante alighieris and Mondego are chased by English Dragoons who believe they are undercover agents for the exiled Napoleon. The Emperor declares they are non his agents. and asks Dante alighieris to give a missive to a friend in France. After the captain dies. they are sent on their manner.

Dante alighieris is reprimanded by the ship’s foremost mate. Danglars. for disobeying orders. However. the transportation company’s foreman. Morrell. commends Dantes’ courage. advancing him to captain over Danglars. Mondego intercepts Dantes’ bride-to-be. Mercedes. and attempts to score her. When he hears of Dantes’ publicity. Mondego realizes that Dantes will be able to get married Mercedes sooner than expected. Mondego gets intoxicated and tells Danglars about the missive Napoleon gave Dantes. Danglars has Dante alighieris charged with lese majesty and sent to magistrate J. F. Villefort.

Villefort is certain of Dantes’ artlessness. but discovers the addressee is Villefort’s male parent. Clarion. a Bonapartist whom he denounced to procure a publicity. Villefort burns the missive and gull Dantes into subjecting to collar. so attempts to direct him to an island prison. Dantes flights and goes to Mondego for aid. but Mondego wounds him so he can non get away ; when Dantes asks why he betrayed their friendly relationship. Mondego says that he is angry that he wants to be Dantes despite his wealth and superior societal place.

Dante alighieris is imprisoned in the Chateau D’lf. Meanwhile. intelligence spreads that Napoleon has escaped from Elba. Mondego. Mercedes. Morrell and Dantes’ father go to Villefort to plead that Dantes is guiltless. but Villefort rejects their attempts. Mercedes thanks Mondego for his support. but after she leaves Mondego and Villefort discuss their grounds for incarcerating Dantes. Mercedes is told that Dantes has been executed. In prison. Dantes befriends Abbe Faria. a priest and former soldier in Napoleon’s ground forces. Faria was imprisoned because he claimed non to cognize the location of the asleep Count Spada’s luck.

For 13 old ages Faria educates Dantes. learning him mathematics. literature. doctrine. economic sciences. manus and blade combat and military scheme. While get awaying. their tunnel caves in. mortally injuring Faria. who gives Dantes the location of Spada’s hoarded wealth. When the guards put the priest into a organic structure bag. Dantes removes the cadaver. fells himself in the bag and is thrown into the sea. Dantes washes onto a desert island and brushs Luigi Vampa. a runner and stealer. Vampa persuades Dante alighieris to contend Jacopo. a treasonist whom they intended to bury alive.

Dante alighieris lickings Jacopo but makes a trade with Vampa to allow him populate ; Jacopo vows to function Dantes for the remainder of his life. Dantes joins the runners for three months. go forthing when they arrive at Marseilles. Not acknowledging him. Morrell tells Dantes that his male parent committed suicide upon larning of his imprisonment and that Mercedes has married Mondego. Danglars took over Morrell’s transporting company after Morrell made him a spouse. Dantes goes to the island of Monte Cristo. finds Spada’s hoarded wealth and vows revenge on Mercedes. Mondego and the other plotters.

Dante alighieris becomes the “Count of Monte Cristo” . He hires Vampa to present a snatch of Mondego’s boy Albert and so “rescues” him. ask foring the male child to his abode. In return. Albert invites the count to his 16th birthday at the Mondegos’ abode. Dantes meets with Villefort to discourse a cargo of unspecified belongings. Mondego meets with Villefort subsequently that flushing and references that his boy heard Monte Cristo use the words gold. cargo and Spada. They believe the cargo is treasure and secret plan to steal it. At the party. Mercedes recognizes Dantes. with whom she is still in love.

Jacopo allows her to conceal in Monte Cristo’s passenger car to talk with him. desiring his maestro to abandon his compulsion with retaliation and merely populate his life. Dantes does non acknowledge to being her former lover. but by chance says ‘Edmond Dantes’ ; Mercedes had ne’er mentioned Edmond’s last name. Dantes confronts Danglars with the constabulary in tow ; Danglars fights Dantes. who reveals his true individuality before holding Danglars arrested. Dantes gets Villefort to squeal that he persuaded Mondego to kill Clarion in return for stating Mercedes that Dantes was executed.

Villefort is charged with confederacy to slaying. and realizes Monte Cristo’s true individuality before being imprisoned. Mercedes admits that she still loves Dantes. After passing the dark together. Dantes decides to take Mercedes and her boy and leave France. Dantes has Mondego’s debts called in. ruining him. Mercedes confronts Mondego. uncovering she is go forthing him and Albert is Dantes’ boy ; she merely married him and claimed that the male child was born prematurely to conceal his true paternity. Mondego leaves for his household estate. where the stolen gold cargo was to be taken.

He finds that the thoraxs are filled with soil and sand. and that Dantes has arrived to take his retaliation. Albert rushes to support Mondego. until Mercedes reveals to Dante alighieris and Albert that they are father and boy. Mondego attempts to kill Mercedes. but merely wounds her. as Jacopo throws off his purpose. Mondego battles Dantes. and Dantes pangs Mondego through the bosom. Dantes returns to Chateau d’If to pay court to Faria and promises him that he has given up on retaliation and will populate a better life. He leaves the island with Mercedes. Albert and Jacopo.


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