The movie Saved! dealt on one of the most common issue in the spiritual circles and arguments – the inquiry on the reading of the words of God in the bible and the favoritism on the people who did non stay in the words of God. In this paper. with the aid of the movie and the analysis of the state of affairs in the existent universe. we are traveling to reason that groups who are actual in construing the Bible have to do accommodations for them to continuously ‘save psyches. ’ In the movie. the Bible became the cardinal and decisive component for about all of the actions. judgements and ends of the characters.

Whether it is moving for or moving against the Bible. the narrative rotated on the manner characters or the establishment per Se ( i. e. the school ) interpreted what is written in the book. Fictional characters like Pastor Skip. Mary and the Christian Jewels ( e. g. Hilary Faye ) tried to find their actions depending on what the Bible says or what they interpreted the Bible says. For characters like Mary. Roland and Cassandra. they were judged in relation to what the Bible speaks of or what the people in authorization interpret on what the Bible is stating ( i. e. Pastor Skip. Hilary Faye ) .

In the narrative. everything rotated on the reading of the words of God that were written on the Bible. The American Eagle Christian School about became an ultimate oasis for the people who blindly and stiffly followed the instructions on the Bible. Though the school is non wholly sole for Christians or Protestants. non-believers are discriminated by the population itself. The instance of Cassandra who was a foolhardy and liberated pupil is an illustration of this favoritism.

Though the favoritism for her is non every bit common as what we can normally construe as favoritism. we can clearly see how the population of the school reacts to her. Almost all of them want to alter her to be one of them. For the remainder of the population. until Cassandra becomes one of them. she will be seen as an castaway on the school. This scriptural literalism and the prejudice on the non-believers and evildoers was subsequently seen when Mary was discovered to be pregnant. As seen on the movie. she was advised to be taken attention of in the Mercy House.

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It is of import to observe that earlier in the narrative ; her fellow was taken attention of in the Mercy House by his parents because of being homosexual. The Mercy House is the topographic point wherein ‘sinful’ people or childs were taken to be disciplined. It is besides a topographic point wherein grey countries in the instructions are brought to be non dealt by the church or school disposal. If there is one issue that dominated the full narrative that affected about all of the characters. it is the rigidity and stiffness of the reading on the instructions of God.

For most of the population. issues on life are merely either black or white without any grey countries. Directly quoted from Pastor Skip. he said that. “The Bible is black and white. ” These people interpreted the instructions in the Bible as something that is stiff. direct and important. The people who walk off or even divert for even a individual grade from these adapted instructions will be seen as castawaies and will be discriminated. This sort of attack of the school disposal. with the consent of the population managed to set up the Mercy House wherein outcast or evildoers shall be sent for disciplinary actions.

This sort of attack. in relation to the events in the movie and to what is go oning in the existent modern universe had managed to except legion people. With the rise of modernness and progress of engineering in add-on to the displacement in paradigm of most of the people in the Earth. the scriptural literalism of many spiritual groups had brought struggle and discord to legion groups of people. The scriptural literalism had managed to except legion people. It besides made possible the preparation of the ‘us’ and the ‘them’ . It is non these ‘outcasts’ do non believe on God or deny His being.

They believe on God. nevertheless. the state of affairs is no longer as consecutive forward and direct to the point as before. The modern world had brought legion grey countries that are yet to be resolved. Issues includes prenuptial sex. homosexualism and abortion are some of the common concerns of these people. The inquiry here is simple. Are these groups who have a stiff and stiff reading of the Bible must loosen up their appreciations on their reading for even a small spot? Is the common black and white or evil and good differentiation still keep on today?

Will the castaway be left to decompose outside until they accept the stiff readings of the Bible? From here. I argue that Yes. there should be a displacement in attitude in construing the words of God. Since clip and commemoration or since the regulations of faith were established. there are 1000s or even 1000000s of alterations that happened in our society. Changes includes the manner we dress. the manner we communicate. the manner we are governed and even the manner we work. These social agreements managed to bring forth wholly new sorts or groups of people.

It is hard to reason that the environment and society of yesterday who relies on rock and fire for their endurance will bring forth the same people that have the capableness to accommodate the instructions of the Bible so. The universe had alterations so much since so. Fire and rock can longer prolong our lives. What I am recommending is non a complete displacement in attitude in covering with the words of God that were written in the Bible or a wholly broad attack in the state of affairs. What I am suggesting is a more broad or unfastened treatment of the issues that are originating for every person that wants to fall in the spiritual groups.

Rather than shuting the doors right off and directing these people to the Mercy house if there is one. it would be better if we are traveling to take a expression and look into the specificity of every state of affairs. It is of import to observe that non all that is go oning to a individual happened by his or her pick. whether it is adolescent gestation or homosexualism. in many instances. we can reason that he did non take it to go on. The best thing is to see their state of affairs in a new visible radiation. a visible radiation that is deprived of prejudices of catholicity and literalism. In this manner. we can be able to go closer to them and shall be given a opportunity to turn them in the procedure.

The universe had changed so much in the last thousand old ages of development. It is non the environment that merely changed. deep within us ; we changed dramatically than our sires. In many instances. it is possible that the things that they believed before can be harder for us to obey because of these alterations. In these instances. an unfastened minded probe is necessary. Merely. in this regard we can anticipate a modern society that is closer to God. Works Cited Saved! Michael Ohoven et. Al ( manufacturers ) Brian Danelly ( manager ) Jena Malone. Mandy Moore et. Al ( performing artists ) DVD. United Artists. 2004


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