Movies make up a large part of every persons life. They act out events people can only imagine but are afraid to do. They also affect the lives of the people who see them. One movie, which dramatically affected my life, was Grosse Pointe Blank. This movie emphasizes the dramatic changes that can occur after High School. While surrounded by the same people every day ones perspective of the world is altered to fit the reality of the situations that you encounter. As you exit the surroundings that you have been in for the past few years your life perspective changes.

This movie emphasized those changes. Throughout high school everything you do is looked upon through a microscope. Every action you take affects the way your friends look at you. The world that is high school is so small and confined that every action had a massive reaction which, often, could have life threatening consequences. I say, life threatening because any small act, good or bad, is magnified to the highest power in the small world of high school. As you start high school you tend to believe, that this is how the rest of your life is going to be.

That is definitely not true. In Grosse Pointe Blank, Martin Blank is the main character who is returning to his ten-year high school reunion. After high school he freaked out, joined the Army and as loaned out to the CIA as a hired gun. Now he is a professional killer, in business for himself. As coincidence would have it he received an assignment to kill a man in his hometown. A few years earlier during a fiasco in the Persian Gulf, Martin accidentally blew up a dog owned by a very powerful man.

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This man has caught up with Martin and has sent another hired gun is out to kill him while at the reunion. Along with this hired gun there are two F. B. I agents after him on request of another hired gun in competition with Martin. When he arrives back in town he is reminded of the life he left and now wishes to get back what he lost upon his rapid exit, namely his girl. Through numerous fiascoes and comical encounters with the men who are after him he finally gets to go to his high school reunion with his old girl friend.

After killing the men who are after him and explaining to his girl what it is he does for a living, he proposes to her and retires from his business. As quickly as he got into it he got right out of it, with no regrets. The main way this movie impacted my life is it made me think of where I am going and where I want to go. Being a professional hit man probably wasnt what Martin planned on being when he grew up, but some how it happened.

That made me think of what I was planning on doing and what was possible for me to do, then I realized that anything is possible. There are no limitations on what I can do, except for the limitations I put on myself. No matter how life goes when youre young, thats not necessarily the way things will happen for the rest of your life. Nothing can dictate what you can do, only you can decide for your self. This is what a funny movie like Grosse Pointe Blank taught me, all I had to do was open my eyes and consider how the story could apply to me.

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