In the 5 years I’ve had my Mac, I have never had any freezes (freezes are what call when a computer is stuck and wont load. ) Also I have never have any virus problems. The reason for that is because it is basically built on the Unix Kernel , one of the oldest and most secure operating systems, and because almost everybody uses Microsoft Windows, which virus writers are more familiar with. Some people think that apple is not durable, but no, that’s not the case. It’s how well you treat it THAT’S how my Mac lasted for so long. APS, also called applications, now basically play a role big time.

It is specifically designed to help the user do things and can be used for entertainment. APS can be used for games, books, finance, and a great deal more. For example there is this app called Turbot Snap and what it does, is that it does all your taxes for you. Another app called Pastrami gets you huge discounts on APS and pattered APS. So you see? APS can help you do things that take a long time for you, entertain you, save money by getting you great deals, and more, some that I don’t even know of. As surprising as this might be, design is also an important factor. Some people buy the apple products because it’s sleek and simple.

The case is usually a black/silver or white/silver case with a silver apple insignia (by case, mean the exterior). It’s simple, not like those financially cases which just makes you dizzy. On the other hand it’s also easy to use because the apple company sets the programs all up before selling the product. And over the years, its becoming thinner and lighter, like how 5 years ago Macs were about linen thick but now it’s basically mm mm thick. Do you see how much it evolved? So think about if this is continues. Sometime in 50 years it’s goanna be like those holographic devices that you e in movies and video games.

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So can you see now the apple products are unrivaled? The 3 things (quality, APS, and design) combined makes the device ever made. And that is why apple is superior. The best thing about apple is that they stay at least 2 years ahead of their competitor, making g it virtually impossible to surpass them. Also, apple never makes anything that they cannot improve. As apple designer Jonathan Vive said, “Our goals are very simple to design and make better products. If we can’t make something that is better, we won’t do it. ” So buy apple. Get the best out of your device.


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