In fact, consumers and stakeholder impulse concerns to move more socially responsible and they are being asked to pay attending to concern moralss. This has become more of import as companies expand globally. In this paper I will concentrate on the cordial reception industry ( i.e. hotel industry ) as a concern endeavor of my involvement. I will critically look at the major challenges the hotel industry is confronting in come oning towards sustainability, what is being done to accomplish corporate sustainability, and what farther stairss need to be taken in order to go a sustaining corporation.

On the whole, the hotel industry has been dawdling behind in sustainability. Though it is true that the taking trade names are now encompassing a more sustainable attack, for the huge bulk of the hotel sector there is still a long manner to travel when it comes to basic environmental direction issues. For illustration, in 2008, the CERES alliance of investors, environmental groups, and other public involvement organisations reported that the travel and leisure industry was a poor-performer in their analysis of administration and clime patterns, hiting merely 27 out of a possible 100 points and sitting penultimate among 11 sectors surveyed ( CERES 2008, pp 40-45 ) .

Acerate leaf to state the cordial reception industry is a multibillion-dollar industry as it renders its goods and services to 1000000s of people all around the universe. This figure is expected to turn even more in Australia over the following decennary. Peoples are going of all time more and therefore the demand for hotel adjustment is turning. Harmonizing to the Australian Government, Australian touristry prognosiss project that by the terminal of 2010 Australia will hold had 5.9 million inbound tourers ( Australian Forecasting Committee 2010 ) . The whole touristry industry employs an estimated 482,800 people. This makes up approximately 4.7 % of entire employment in Australia ( Australian Hotels Association 2009 ) . A concern of this magnitude is bound to hold immense effects on the societal, economic and political facets of a state. Hence this endeavor has a great potency to lend to corporate sustainability.

So what are the challenges that are being faced by the hotel industry in come oning towards sustainability? My reply here relates to a few issues, runing from: globalization, the energy to power sustainability, and funding sustainability. I will discourse these issues below and thenceforth I will look at what is being done to change over these challenges mentioned above into chances. Finally, I will discourse what can be farther done to maneuver hotel industry into going a socially responsible endeavor.

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2. Challenges

1.1 Globalization

Globalization can be said to be a two two-base hit sided blade: one side offers chances and the other challenges. For case, one of the issues that has been brought about by globalisation is the fact that it has increased the spread between rich and hapless, because the policies that drive globalization have chiefly focussed entirely on the demands of concern ( International Labour Organisation 2002 ) . One of the subscribers to this widening spread between rich and hapless has been brought about by ( weak ) labor rights. Indeed, the hotel industry is no exclusion to this. Although portion of the industry has addressed the issue of the environment for a long clip, the chief issues that has emerged with globalization – and that has non been decently addressed – is the issue of labour rights ( Dodds & A ; Joope 2007 ) . Labour rights include issues such as: rewards, adult females rights, the demand of accomplishments and the right for employees to fall in labour brotherhoods.

In 2007, the International Society of Hospitality Consultants listed top 10 challenges that the cordial reception industry faces. Top amongst them were labour rights. The chief job highlighted was the job of pulling and retaining skilled labors, which has become a planetary sustainability issue. The pay degree issue, and failure to turn to occupation satisfaction is a immense job in the hotel industry every bit good. Acerate leafs to state being employed in the hotel industry chiefly translates to low rewards and long working hours, which is built-in portion of the labour rights issues. Corporate sustainability includes the integrating of human capital and guaranting that staffs are good trained and included as a sustainability mission. The latter means that ; an administration has to tap and foster their employees ‘ cognition and accomplishment ( Dunphy 2010 pp.154-155 ) . By making so a company additions competitory advantage which is based on the development and use of the human capital in planing a more rigorous sustainable work force.

1.2. Energy to Power Sustainability – Business of Business is Business

Does the hotel industry feel that they have the energy to power sustainability? In other words: why should they trouble oneself? Just like any other concern enterprise the hotel industry feels that they are in the concern to do money. More significantly, it the hotel industry besides feels that the merchandise that they sell ( service ) is extremely perishable and once it is non sold it ca n’t be stored to be sold the following twenty-four hours, hence the concern goes at a loss due to this fact. So, one of the tensenesss that have emerged with the sustainability end is that most executives have framed sustainability as a restriction for concern and to some extent a cause for loss alternatively of net income. “ But in a universe where ingestion outgrows the planets ability to renew its natural stuffs, concerns that figure out how to present enhanced value by radically cut downing stuff inputs and puting in sustainability will be well-positioned for success ” ( World Commission on Environment and Development 2005 ) . The hotel industry executives may believe of sustainability as a distraction from the nucleus responsibilities of the company, which is to bring forth goods and services. However being sustainable for some executives is an extra responsibility that they would instead non cover with. From this vantage point the executives are sometimes unable or unwilling to beguile net income devising and sustainability at the same clip – that is guaranting that they are systematically maximizing their net income while puting in a socially responsible mode. As Milton Friedman the Noble -Prize winning economic expert one time asked: “ make corporate executives, provided they stay within the jurisprudence, have duties in their concern activities other than to do as much money for their stakeholders as possible ” ( New York Times Magazine 2000 ) . This means that there is still a cardinal belief that a concern ‘ primary duty is to supply higher fiscal investings to its investor in footings of higher stock and dividends.

1.3 Financing Sustainability

Another challenge being faced by the hotel industry is the initial investing in sustainability. Sustainability can be said to be expensive particularly if the hotels have to alter their installations – for illustration when they invest in florescent bulbs that are energy salvaging but in fact last longer would intend altering the wiring of all the suites in a hotel. More so, it could besides intend altering providers to those who portion the same mission with the company and guaranting that the providers besides are moving sustainably. This will intend that most of the equipment that was bought will be considered excess before the equipments ‘life ‘ is over – significance that the equipment was non used to its upper limit and therefore ensuing to a loss for the company. In kernel, sustainability is chiefly built on cut downing ingestion and increasing length of service usage of stuffs, which should bring forth pecuniary nest eggs in the long-run. However, many times this impression is sometimes lost in interlingual rendition, doing concerns loath to follow sustainable patterns ( Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire 2007 ) . The challenges of funding sustainability ends have been an issue particularly during these times of economic downswing. The hotel industry feels that they should fasten their belts more and that they should non be passing any money in any activities instead, they should be salvaging in every manner possible.

Therefore given these challenges one might inquire: What are the hotel industries chances to suppress these challenges and turn them into chances? In other words, what is the hotel industry to come on toward corporate sustainability?

3. Traveling Forward

The hotel industry is in every manner seeking to catch up with being sustainable even with the above challenges that have been mentioned. Some of the things that the hotel industry is making to come on towards sustainability are:

3.1. Repute and Brand Building

Research has shown that between 50-90 per centum of a company ‘s market can be attributed to repute ( Sustainability Handbook 2007 p.41 ) . This leaves small uncertainty that the hotels industry repute and trade names are valuable. The hotel industry executives have hence ensured that the hotels are aligned with sustainability and this besides means moving responsibly and sustainably. For case, hotels like Hilton, Marriot and Scandic amongst others have built their trade name and repute by late fall ining the world-wide sustainability motion “ Team Earth. ” This is a motion that unites concerns, non-profit administrations and persons to turn to five of import environmental issues: climes, H2O, wellness, waste and nutrient – this inaugural nowadayss an chance for actions and nowadayss solutions for a more sustainable universe ( Marriot News Centre, 2009 ) . A good illustration of repute and trade name edifice through sustainability is the Scandic hotels invest to a great extent on staffs which are a nucleus construct of globalization. The staffs undergo intensive preparation on environmental issues and sustainability. Through this, the hotel is able to merely engage the best of the best. Combined with other factors they have received international repute and construct their trade name name by having esteemed awards from assorted recognised establishments ( Scandic 2008 ) . The International Hotel and Restaurant Association named Scandic as “ Highly Recommended “ in 2004 and the concatenation received the “ Environmental Award ” in 2005.

3.2. Sustainability as portion of the Strategic Plan

In order for hotel executives to hold the power and will to power sustainability, they are alining their sustainability mission into the company ‘s strategic program, giving the concern thereby corporate length of service and endurance ( Dunphy 2010 p.156 ) . This facet is of import because if the concern aligns sustainability with their strategic programs, this gives the concern a competitory advantage over its rivals – it acts as a nucleus competence for the concern and strength in the internal analysis of a company ‘s Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats ( S.W.O.T ) . For illustration the Hilton Inc. Sustainability program that is in their strategic program is to hold zero waste by 2015 ( Hilton Newsletter 2005 ) . By alining this to the strategic program it helps actuate the executives into carry throughing the milepost. This is done by maintain a path of the advancement by the usage of a mark card which is used as a planetary coverage enterprise ( GRI ) . This will besides include sustainability into the fiscal program of the company. Hotel industry will gain that in fact sustainability helps the concern cut costs like for illustration economy H2O, electricity and waste. Though the initial investing might be expensive as mentioned earlier the benefits are reaped in the long ran.

Having said this, is at that place anything more that concern can make so as to come on toward being a more sustainable corporation? The reply is yes: in order for a company to accomplish superior public presentation they must make more:

3.3. Transparency

By pass oning the public presentation of the company internally and externally the executive can demo employees and stakeholders what has being traveling on and what needs to be changed or improved. This manner the sustainability study with the assistance of the GRI as a signifier of a mark card acts as a portion of a cheque to guarantee that the concern is heading in the right way. Transparency, goads change because it invites scrutiny and positive feedback and reaction from stakeholders from whom the company needs the support ( Global Report 2006 )

3.4. Battle with Stakeholders ( NGOs )

It is of import for the hotel industry to make confederation with other NGOs so that they can assist make chances and work out jobs together, as seen earlier in the instance of the Hilton group that joined the “ Earth Team ” , which includes NGOs and persons and this is a measure that the full cordial reception industry should follow. These stakeholders besides include militants, communities, investors, providers, joint ventures spouses, employees and others who may impact the company or perceive they may be affected by it ( Yaziji 2004 ) . NGOs have great impact on public sentiment and authoritiess ; therefore they can come Handy in holding profound consequence on ordinances therefore hotel industries would profit from making confederations with NGOs.

4. Decision

In decision, it is apparent that the hotel industry is non immune to all the challenges of going a sustainable corporation particularly when it comes to labor issue – a factor chiefly driven by globalisation. It is besides apparent that a batch of executive find puting in sustainability a fuss and besides dearly-won. However, it is besides true that though puting and exchanging to sustainability is dearly-won and takes clip it is besides true that the company will harvest the fruits in the long tally as they will hold invested in cost film editing schemes, which so could interpret into higher gross. It is besides of import for the company to include sustainability in their strategic program and maintain a record such as a mark card to maintain path of the advancement.

With this in head, there is small uncertainty that the hotel industry will come on towards sustainability and construct their trade name which will so heighten their repute. A good illustration is the Scandic hotel. However, there is still so much more that can be done. Some of the things that could be done by the hotel industry for case are to heighten transparence, where they report what is traveling on within the company to the general populace. Together with alining the company ‘s sustainability to the concern mission and vision, the company should besides look at organizing confederations with NGOs in order to profit from their cognition and influence.

This are merely but a few things amongst others that concern would make to suppress the challenges and travel towards a more sustainable corporation.


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