like the year of the Baby Boomers, the year of the GMO Boom has
severely impacted our society since twenty years ago when the
genetically modifying corn was first introduced. Unfortunately, the
new genetic system is the economies biggest controversy; whether it’s
healthy or not. Genetically modifying foods in certain countries such
as France or Germany is banned, with strict penalties. In the
Food and Drug Administration regulation, Section IX under “Foods
Derived from New Plant Varieties”, it states that “In
most cases the substances expected to become components of food as a
result of genetic modification will be the same as or substantially
similar to substances commonly found in food such as proteins, fats
and oils, and carbohydrates.” Which
means that the FDA is knowingly and willingly ready to risk the
outcome of effecting the natural genes of food without thoroughly
assessing the new gene make up and the effects of it. In
order to genetically modify a food, you have to physically insert a
new gene by using an inserter gun or by inserting a foreign bacteria
to invade the natural cells. Studies have shown that once you become
used to eating GMO foods, you start to become allergic to non-GMO.
Essentially, you start to change your own bodily chemistry. By eating
these altered foods, you allow foreign substances to invade your body
and destroy your health. The herbs and roots on this earth such as
ginger, cinnamon, and the yucca root are all natural healers. Why
would anyone want you to replace those healers with fake ones; that
destroy your health and muscles? In recent animal studies, numbers
have shown an increased risk of promoting liver failure,
de-immunization throughout your body and cancer. So the question
is,why doesn’t America ban GMO foods? Why do dieticians,
scientists, and nutritionists encourage us to eat these

2016, the FDA released a new product called AquaBounty Salmon during
the time that Congress passed a GMO labeling bill. However, in the
same year before the bill was passed, Congress had strictly urged the
FDA that a labeling for their new product required a GMO tag but the
FDA disagreed because the salmon did not physically differ from any
other. Lawmakers stepped in and attached a liability that required
the AquaBounty to be labeled. In result, the FDA temporarily banned
the importations of this new fish until it was unnecessary to have a


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