Muffin Man is a “Announcement other than a documentary, which describes the extinction of human species due to social excesses (mostly over-eating). Muffin Man shows us the distant future we are creating with our greedy crave and love for Junk food, video games, and cars to the extreme that causes the downfall of human beings. Excess is the theme all through the movie. The movie itself, in addition to the overwhelming details and jokes, expresses the theme well enough.

Simply put, the vie mirrors the real world situations that human beings are and will be pursuing things that might be unknowingly dangerous. The documentary presents through the overly used details and Jokes to question whether morality and ethnicity of specific events throughout the human history. Utilitarianism indicates that an action is ethical if the predicted good outweighs the predicted bad. Although the concept seems quite simple, In practice, Justifying utilitarianism often requires subjective analysis but there is no real standard for the Justifications.

For example, in the movie, It states that the evolution of human species gone down due to the excess intake of muffins. The extinction, which was shown through the discovery from the aliens in the distant future, was not predicted when far back to the Homo Talents time when the human species were overcompensation on food and other goods. This brings our attention to our real life that how we are appealed by the idea of excess of wealth, power, religion and entertainment.

How the excess ownership of power wouldn’t cause the same effect as what muffins would cause to the human species. Indeed power and competitiveness brings the good, levels the play field and rules the world In a Just way. However, there is no certainty and no way to predict the bad. There is an old saying, everything at moderation, which utilitarianism provides no Justification in regards to moderation. The contradiction Is that utilitarianism comes with many drawbacks when It comes to assessing ethical situations.

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The sources stem from our everlasting thirst and the need for satisfaction that never ends. No to mention the out-of-control growing population, the overly-drilled oil and ever-increasing gas price, the over-power of politics, the excess of freedom that slip at the edge of laws and regulations have been pushing our society Into a very questionable future. Is the technology flood, such as the non-stoppable releases of smartness, laptops, actually what we need or It Is the false need created by the media and the profit-oriented companies.

The society is slowly leaning towards developing a materialized society, and it becomes so excessive that it overweight the importance of the development of human species itself. We are over consuming on things we depend on, and when our needs are fed, we are satisfied; and when our need comes again, the circles run infinity. It is difficult to Judge because in the short run, this represents a stable society that Implies the good outweighs bad since the citizens’ needs are med and they are satisfied. But In the long run, whether good outweighs the bad, or it is the other way around, calls into question. OFF raised as a hard working person who invested huge amount of time in studying. With y parents over emphasizing on my grades, I have been a good student, according to the grading standard. Indeed, for a period of time I was pleased with all the compliments from my hard work, but later on through my high school I had such a hard time balancing my interests and my parents’ expectation of me being a good student that must has good grades. The once good thing haunts me from time to time that if I don’t get good grades then I am automatically not a good student.

One has to admit that the movie has a good attempt and without doubt very ann., seemingly implying to us a scientific historical lesson of what would happen if we obsessed with excess. However, the excessive details, scenes and Jokes about people that are overweight, are too funny to the extent that creates nonconforming. Same principles apply to our real life. The nature of utilitarianism and the ambiguity that history and society brought us does not allow us to make a clear cut to whether good outweighs bad. In my opinion, more light needs to be lit to wake up and snap ourselves out of the gluttony before this “announcement” becomes reality.


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